Our ...

... kid is kicking up a storm. It's actually clear to see on the outside. A side of my lady's stomach suddenly seems to get a life of its own and it looks like it's going to escape from the rest before being reeled in again. It's really odd to see. When I then leaned in to speak to him in a stern voice about the things that he does to his poor, aching momma he proceeded to kick me in the face. 0 Years old. Already no respect for his old man. I suppose that is to be expected at his age though since he really hasn't got a concept of respect yet.

Loads of fun!

You know ... for me. For the outsider. For mommy too, but she occassionally does make a face of, well, mostly surprise, I guess. And maybe some pain.

Anyway, active fucker.


Ugh ...

... it has been oh, so long that I typed on here. Heh. Doubt anyone reads this aside from the missus anyway, mais alors ...

Kid's still fine, growing like a champ, kicking up a storm and his mother. Had a few new pictures added to the by now extensive (holy-crap-this-kid-isgoing-to-be-a-runway-model-fo-sho) collection. Most photographed baby since royalty. But as it stands, all is well. 26 weeks and counting.

In other news: Ronnie James Dio passed away and we are saddend by this. Let's face it: his Dream Evil album managed to be a huge part of the soundtrack of my youth and for good reason since it's still excellent after all these years. Ditto Holy Diver and Last In Line, naturellement. Big voice, nice guy, will be missed.

And in contrast, the universe, in a fit of blind mis-comprehension, manages to keep alive that burned-out husk of a junky and TV polluter Ozzy Osbourne eventhough this man did so many legal and illegal substances he's practicaly a shambling toxic cloud. I have the sneaking suspicion that he's only kept alive through the puppet act his wife is performing with his remains. You figure out where the hand goes, aright?

I don't like troeteljunkies.

Helped a friend move out of his apartment.

Trained a little.

Played some WoW.

Made a Christmas pudding. Not plumb pudding.

Cute bloggy: http://graffoto1.blogspot.com/

... yeah.