Well ...

... hello, there, Internetz!

I feel excited by the fact that I'm typing this whilst at the same time my girlfriend is playing WoW! Yes ... the lappie has wireless! We have been released of our wires! We are like Pinocchio. Only without the tragic ending of the original and given enough drugs and booze with the annoying talking cricket!

Yay for modern technology!


... awesome. I made so many errors trying to get into my own Blog that it took me twenty minutes to get here. Let's just await the torrent of typos sure to follow.

Monday! Ow! Monday was goooood!

We went to see a movie, a nice movie, a belgian mvie and yet, astonishingly enough, a nice movie! We didn't know beforehand that it was a belgian movie because it was Mystery Movie Night in Schagen but as it turned out we were pleased and delighted to hang out on extremely lazy seats and enjoy the movie and each other and stuff. Plus, in the brak I went to get something to drink for us and as it turns out the upstairs bar was open which meant none of the crowd but immediate service and also they sell whiskey there which was an opportunity that could not under any circumstance be missed at all. So the second half of the movie went by extremely relaxed. Not that it was a hassle in the first half, mind ...

I cleverly neglected to actually mention the movie when I pressed the 'publish' button. Isn't that nice? You try to give someone a positive write-up and you forget that tiny though rather significant tit-bit.

The movie is:

Dossier K. There you go.



... Felt the kid kick! Yesterday. Undeniable. Quite hard. Kid's growing and this means his kicks are getting bigger too. Wonderful for the father. Not so much for the expectant mother. Who gets to feel the kick twice. Once on the inside. Once on the outside. Isn't that lovely?

Today the tyke even did it on command. A bit of a coincidence true, possibly, but the timing was excellent. 'Kick your mother!' *kick* 'Auuucccchhhh'.

Hey, I was amused. But that's easy as an outsider. Still. The offspring kicks. Already he's getting his martial arts excercise in. Mai-giri, mai-giri, Mawashi ...


Anyway ...

That's cleared up, I'd say. It's from this blog: http://thisisindexed.com/ It's pretty fucking funny.

Maybe I should take the time to make clear that I'm actually quite happy that my girl teaches where she teaches. Yesterday was the 11 year aniversary of the Columbine Highschool shooting which, for so far as I can tell and judge (from a huge distance so inaccuracies I will readily acknowledge) happened because people, parents, students, teachers, did not recognise that one of the shooters was a psychopath (not easily recognised, I'm sure) and the other one was extremely depressed and death obsessed.

Now, I know that the first is hard to identify but I'm sure that the second would be noticed in a school where everyone knows everyone. Whatever else they do wrong in Bergen (and they do do stuff wrong, lemme tell ya) they got this aspect pretty much down to a science.


So ...

... has anyone else thought of this whole iceland volcano thing as a cause and effect issue? As in: if you keep bitching about how terrible our banks are we will let a mountain explode shutting down air traffic and causing way more damages than a single fucking bank could ever do, ever? I mean, I don't exactly know that the icelandic people did it but if they did it, well, they sure as hell got their own back. No one saw this coming and let's face it: awesome amount of damage has been done.

So, for now and always: do not fuck with vikings. They will come over here and fuck shit up.

In other news: kid's doing fine. We're now trying to get the redeemer to take as many pictures as we can. Simply because of the sport involved. It's not like the kid still fits on the tiny monitor they have at the redeemer's office. But, you know, you have to have your little funnies.


No ...

... it's not another baby post. Though Süüs is getting kicked harder by the day it seems. Probably that is to be expected when you're expecting. (I never feel it. Kid clams up when daddy gets near. Weird, but there you go.)

No. I wanted to share a video:


Why would I share such a video with you? Well, for starters it's nice music. But, what settles it for me is the fact that during Coltrane's solo you can see Miles Davis stand and talk to his fellow musicians, who also have nothing to do at that time, just having a cigarette. It's weird to me that he places himself so outside the performance that he doesn't even listen to bits of it and just hangs, talks, smokes. Of course he manages to play his parts after perfectly, because, you know, he was GOOD but still ...

Anyway, it amused me.


So ...

... now we know. It is to be a boy. We're going to have a son.

Apparently I was slightly nervous for this echo/scan/thing because afterwards I sort of slumbed a bit. we had to deliver the news to some grandparents but I wasn't really into it. A bit grouchy and tired and headachy. You see, they chack a lot of things at the 20 week mark and obviously I thought it way more exciting than I thought, if that sentence makes any sort of sense, ever.

Everything is fine. Size and the presence of certain key elements of the human body are checked and this all was great!

I sort of figured it was a girl and in previous weeks I had sort of convinced my girlfriend that it would be a girl and we had a perfect name for a girl ... so we had a little backtracking and rethinking to do, but ultimately I came to the conclusion that it doesn't really matter all that much. It's a healthy kid and this is great. Everything else ... pfffft. What ev's.





We'll find out ... after the break!

Or rather: after this afternoon.