So ...

... another day, another meh.

However, this day, I shall spend considerable time with Anna, whom we love. And I'll end up walking miles and miles and eating at McDonalds and stuff. This is a good thing! Anything before that is a matter of extreme meh-ness.

I'm experimenting with more layers of colour in my spraypaint paintings. I really enjoy creating them, especially the set of four paintings I did for mummie-in-law's birthday of her four kids. But ultimately there is, I feel, very little of me in those paintings. It essentially gets done by the computer and I'll just cut it out. Sure, some decisions are made by me but not enough I feel. therefore: a new layer. I'm trying to do the computer thing, obviously because the results are convincing, but I'm trying to create a second stencil on the basis of the actual photo from which I'll work,highlighting other stuff ... we'll see how that goes.


Get ...

... this: we can't work right now, or yesterday afternoon for that matter, because they have run out of disk space to store information on. They installed something like 20GB especially for our new aplication and thought we'd be set for eaons or something. Turns out scans of pages plus associated information takes up a lot of space. And as added insult to injury ... new shiny bright Terabite disks are something like 70 euroes these days. It feels like we're at a standstill because someone forgot to plug in an USB stick's worth of space it's so ... trivial.


Not ...

... a big shock, really, but the weather is 17th century dutch winter landscape painting like. All-in-all I expect to see some backwardsy dressed people skate by my window at my place of work very soon.

Yesterday I once again saw my girlfriend play the devil. She's pretty good at that. Not a big shock reallyfor me, but this time she did it on stage like she does every year around 12th night. it's a tradition at her school. It was ... well, school plays, you know. yeah. but she was really good and so was Herod, so, you know, the dark side has deserved its cookies. Went there with Chicko. We decided amongst ourselves that, yes, next year we'd go again but, and this is crucial, we'd bring scotch in a hipflask. I then posited the opinion that if hipflasks were involved there really was only one way to 'roll', as they say, and that was with a beagle and shotgun and in hunting gear. I mean ... hipflasks.

Lord, I'm bored. Nothing to do, whatsoever. I'm taking suggestions on exciting websites to visit. For now, I'll link StyleRookie again. http://tavi-thenewgirlintown.blogspot.com/ Pint-sized girl who can write.

Kamiel has opened a Warcraft account. He's called BugHunt on server the Maelstrom. Yesterday I saw him in action, all of level 9, killing small things in Teldrassil. My, my, my. Time sure does fly. He's cute though, all 'what does this button do'. I was just walking along with him, killing things by standing close to them ...


Well ...

... hello there, 2010. Good to meet ya!

Anyway. Been lax and slow and stuff with writing. One of those things, you know.

Christmas was good. Leo and Nathalie (two ladies closely associated with two of the brothers of my beloved (just go with it)) organised and prepared a nice Christmas thing. And it was nice. Nice Christmas thing was nice, indeed. There was food and booze and laughter and a very silly game at which me and my girl DOMINATED. Not that that is in any way important. Hohum. A good time was had by all.

Second day of Christmas it was my turn to do the cooking since, yes, Kamiel was present and so were presents. Anyway. I owe Delia a shout out, since I took everything from her site and it all worked out perfectly, even if the Bacon was fucking salt indeed. Very much so. After eating it we all went through drinks like a hot knife through butter. But it was myummie. Everything was lush and fat and yummie and great. All in all a very good evening indeed.

Then we are on to ... fuck me, new year's already? Well, that is obviously the day of Carla's birthday! I did four spray paintings of her four kids and she seemed to love them and people were quite nice about them which is nice. Nice people were nice, indeed!

Later that night, obviously, we had a visitor, Kamiel, and there was drinking and eating and the firing of fireworks and stuff ... as per usual, that last bit.

So, you know, that was that, end of the year gone and done, new year here to stay, curious as to see what the hell we're going to experience in the future. I'm sure it will be a fruitful and interesting year.

By the way ... did you catch the doctor who specials over the holidays? how fucking insanely good were they? The end of the line for David Tennant who is a shockingly good actor, really, as was demonstrated in the wide range of emotions he managed to convey over the last couple of specials. Now, in spring a whole new team of writers and actors will go and do Who and I'm excited. Yes, losing Tennant is sad, but so was losing Ecclestone and we survived brilliantly and it's in the nature of the show so we had best get over it.

Besides ... the new head-writer is Steven Moffat. You know ... he already wrote some Who in the recent past: The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, The girl In The Fireplace, Blink, Silence In The Library/Forest Of The dead. Basically, he wrote the best episodes for all TV series ever.

Oh ... and he wrote Coupling.

But we won't hold that against him.