Due to reasons of a medical nature Suus' pregnancy will result in a kid on wednesday next! The doctors have deemed it necessary to bring about the birth of our kid before actual problems arise as opposed to the possibility of problems, which we have now. Sadly this does mean that Suus will give birth in the hospital and not as we had hoped in the comfort of our own home. To what degree this kid has inherited his tardiness from his dad or his mom is at this point left to be seen.

Anyway, wednesday it is folks. Seven o' clock.

Kind of nervous now.

Nah, not kind of.


Wish us luck!


Well ...

... it's been a while since I last poosted because, well, we've been busy. The kid is imminent. But before we're there and he's here the rule of law and baby-momma and me sort of decided to eliminate some of the jobs which would otherwise be left lying about for, oh, i don't know ... oodles of years. So, in the past week or so our back garden got cleaned, a rabbit towerflat was finished and rabbits (two) moved in and latices were painted and the paint put up last year got cleaned and, you know, this takes TIME, of which there is little, because I also have a cute new job (boring) in a cute new town (actually old town and I haven't seen anything from it as yet). So, yeah ...

Suus is, like, big, and stuff. Well, she would be, 9 months pregnant and all. In recent times there have been some nice issues with bloodpressures and we are desperately trying to keep her at home which is were she wants to give birth ... weird expression, really 'giving' birth. Oh well.

But we're materially completely ready for a kid. We have everything and then some. The kid has more clothes now than I have ever had in my life. Also the standard things have all been bought.

The mental readiness ... well, Suus is ready and calm. Her surroundings are nervous though. Which sort of makes Suus nervous. Because people keep asking whether she's nervous yet. And whether she's done yet with the whole thing. Which she isn't. She's quite happy, thank you.

In short. We'll see.