Okay ...

... I'm witnessing a phone convo, not by choice, it's close to my workspace, were the religious nut I mentioned yesterday is talking about how difficult it is to explain to people in french that according to the bible (blabla some quote) in the end times people are not open to compromise anymore.

A. The end times? Seriously? As in ... the Rapture?
B. People never were (see, for example WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Israƫl ... )
C. Religion makes me uncomfortable. As in ... wave-at-your-idiot-neighbour-and-pray-to-god-that-he-doesn't-come-over uncomfortable.

With hindsight I could have written that up better somehow. But the point still stands ...

Did find this, though, made me smile:


Kosher scotch! How cool is that?


Hey ...

... long time no see!

There was stuff to be done at home and in all honesty I wasn't quite up to blatantly blogging from my new work environment. I got better. Or worse, depending on where you sit and read this. The house got better too, I think, and the baby's room is sort of ready barring some double glazing which I'm informed is being installed next friday ...

My girlfriend is not feeling great, which is a shame. It seems that pregnancy is becoming a bit of a burden (or a lot of a burden, depending on the moment you ask her) so that sort of sucks. Loads of suck, actually, because, you know ... we like her.

My kid did however bring me a belated father's day gift, excellent Bowmore limitid scotch via Springbank, which we love! Rare scotch for the win! Excellent taste. Wonder how he figured out I'd be happy with this from inside his 'room', without money, light, verbal abilities etc. etc. Well appreciated.

I do now, feel almost obliged to buy some cheaper, less rare scotch, you know, just for drinkin' in stead of remembering and thinking. Weird how that works.

Also: I think one of the people here in Leiden has tried to educate me in some biblical way, I think. I'm not sure. He mentioned an oil spill in China and he grabbed a bibble out of his desk drawer and showed me a passage about the lord being the one to reckon with devilers ... or some such, stating that he thought that humanity was ill-equipped to deal with the aforementioned devilers of the world. My thought was that a bullet to the head was quite reckoning enough. Try that and see how fast oil leaks get cleared up. I do feel preached at, and although I don't mind christians being here, I mind the excesses of christian culture and especially if they start building mosques ... wait, what ... religion. Ugh.



No idea what that is but there you go. It's the word of the day.

Now. Suus is growing bigger and bigger. Luckily for her the holidays are around the corner and she won't have to think of work (outside the house) until somewhere in 2011. This is good for her. Let's face it: women get increasingly less interested and focussed whilst pregnancy goes on ... they've got enough on their mind and bodies as is so that the useless, everyday prattling of bosses and meetings are rendered a nuisance and utterly devoid of meaning.

Or so I am told.

Had a nice productive weekend though ... running, sporting, cleaning, breaking down stuff ... it's like a panic has taken hold to get stuff done. you know ... BEFORE THE BABY COMES!

Which, of course, is deeply ridiculous: the baby doesn't care one bit whether the room he's in has a Woezel&Pip theme or a pinstripe gray drab smear on the wall. But for some reason one comes to the conclusion that stuff has to be 'nice'. How and why this tendency comes to pass is a complete and utter mystery, of course, but you buy into it because it's all so fucking CUTE.

If and when there is a free way of getting one's head examined sign me up.

Leiden is fine. The work is still slightly ... muddled ... but there you go. Can't have everything. Although it's a lot like riding a bike in the dark. No way to know what the road looks like and where it is or when it ends but you cling to the fact that you at least know how a bike works and what one looks like and so you paddle on.

Unfortunately the block certain sites there ... how annoying. Less Farmville! Not exactly certain what their criteria are though ... I mean ... this: http://moonoverjune.com/ is still allowed ... and that is a comic mainly about lesbian sex. Which tries to be funny and sometimes is. I'll never understand company's IT department. You'd figure they'd scan for words like: 'cunt', 'fuck', 'ass', 'fist', 'tits' and any and all combinations of those ...