It's ...

... been a while. Must be the weather. This is no way to build up a loyal readership or any kind of following interested in purchasing the occassional piece of paint, hint, hint!


This man: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Eldritch is a cunt. Let me clarify that for 'everybody'. This man is the lead singer for The Sisters Of Mercy (he insists on the article, a further reason why he's a cunt, but this time a snobby cunt). The Sisters Of Mercy had a record deal, got into a bit of a tiff with their label and basically the band, read that cunt, shut itself down.

Now, I appreciate the fact that business doesn't always go like you want it to but that is no reason not to go sulk in a corner and refuse to put something out for more than a decade. If you don't want to deal with a label either start your own, the cost of which can be recooped from a huge sale of the first album on that label, i.e. your own new CD, or record the music and sling it on the net and be done with it (the low brow method). The aforementioned cunt chose option C: do nothing. How do you even do that? You know, talent-wise, artistic-wise?

Therefore, that man, and I may have mentioned this before, is a cunt.

What you also should take away is that I really like his music, all three CD's and really want there to be a fourth. Ç'est la vie.

In other news: http://tavi-thenewgirlintown.blogspot.com/

A fashion minded blog. Fuck me, I'm linking to a fashion blog. The world has stopped revolving. While 'everyone' has gotten back in their respective seats allow me to explain. The writer of that blog is a kid. A tiny kid, in fact, at 4"6' but that is beside the point. the point is that she writes convincingly, and that she has a enviable eye for rythm and balance and structure and composition and ... stuff. He finished. lamely. Now, more than half the stuff she shows I find hideous. Much, much more than half the stuff she wears I find bananas. But she does help me to understand some of the intentions of designers and thus she manages to translate this art form a bit for me, since I have 0 (zero) idea about high fashion.

Also, she makes me want to go out and waste a ridiculous amount of cash on clothes óther than black Cradle Of Filth shirts.

I think I heard my girlfriend faint in the background.

Oh, for further reference: I'm at work and have nothing to do. That I want to do.

Let's see ... what else is there: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgbNymZ7vqY

40 Fucking years of Bohemian Rapsody. God, how I loathe that song. I suppose it was important and stuff and a real breakthrough in popular music and totally awesome when it first came out but, god ... what a theatrical drivel. This version, though, gets a big thumbs up, of course. Because anything with a muppet in it will become automatically a million times better. Still miss Jim Henson. Oh, and hey, sesame Street turned 40 not too long ago. Another good reason to show a muppet. Sesame Street? Yeah, that show that Mississipi lawmakers tried to ban in 1970 because ""Mississippi was not yet ready" for the show's integrated cast". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sesame_street. (It's somewhere in there, trust me.)
Well, all those black people running around, educating kids about not hating other people, I can see how that might be confusing to people.

Let's see ... something else ... I now own a table grill, for gezellig dining, I don't talk nearly enough, or, when I do talk, it's at an inconvenient time, everybody seems to think that I have some sort of autism and I want more pop tarts. Oh, and I want a second computer, with internet and another WoW account. But I'm informed that this might be a little expensive. I do want it, though, but I can see how this would be pushing the matter into unsavoury territory. You see, that is the difference between kids and adults. Want does not automatically equal need.

Oh, oh, oh! Bad news: Ronnie James Dio has stomach cancer. He's the best singer, basically, in metal, better than Tate, Dickinson and that lot. Much better than this crappy Youtube vid can possibly can convey: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iy6URlmeUpk
Still, some of his pure power does manage to shine through. So, here's hoping he survives in a great way.

Okay .. one more.


Who is the coolest dude?