There ...

... are women with huge suitcases around the place I work at.

That struck me as odd. Why were so many women going on holiday from a tiny place in Amsterdam without a trainstation?

As it turned out these were people studying to become beauticians for which there apparently is a school around the corner, or something.

Now, I'm fine with all of this. I'm sure these people are needed and do a wonderful job and provide a service to the community. My only question is: if you need a bag the size of a city block to make someone beautiful ... aren't you fighting a lost cause? Like, maybe you should find some project less ... demanding? Like, shoring up the Vijzelgracht with your bags?


So ...

... yoga.

I'm trying it. In a completely unorganised way, of course. There is a TV chanel which is proudly marketed to women ... why I typed that I do not know, but there you go. Anyway. They have this thing called a program on there and it's basically happy people, twisting themselves, by a pool. The people are expert yoga instructors. The pool is at the Jamacan Grand Lido. The men are universally GAY! But that's neither here nor there. What is though, is that these people do scary things with their bodies. And I want that too ... but to be realistic I'm trying it out to see whether I can get a few extra centimeters of stretch in my leg muscles and back muscles. And it's quite a new challenge ...

What I do not get however, is that they keep refering to stretching of muscles as 'opening'. And that is just ... obscene. Really.

"If you are not open enough you can adjust your stance so that you feel more comfortable. The important thing is that you enjoy the stretch!"

That's just ... gross. Really gross. So, I'm trying very hard to ignore this ... but it's hard. It's 6:30 in the morning and strange, happy and to be honest, exceptionally ugly people are talking to me like THAT!?!?!

... shiver ...

Exactly why they're all so ugly ... maybe their faces got knocked out of shape by that infernal three point stance ...



Sinterklaas has arrived.

That was important news, people. I just have this nagging problem: is it cruel to let a child believe in a ficticious character for so long until you or someone tells them the truth? Isn't the deception a little much? I'm just not sure ... Anyway. My girl is watching the arrival right now. One has to compliment the TV people for doing such a wonderful job each year. It's still quite a production involving a town, a harbour, a huge boat (100 years old!), many many people, a huge number of actors and several .... Burgemeesters. It's a large happening. Impressive.

I'm back at work and back to sports. We are, however, still not feeling all that great. I still can't make it through a complete saturday of sports. My wise girlfriend tells me that this is to be expected but somehow I still manage to feel like a slacker. This will improve with time. I'm sure.

Wrath Of The Litch King dropped. We are pleased. Things are looking great and I'm ranking somewhat again. Happy!

In the mean time I have had dinner with my friend Anna ... well, dinner ... for some strange reason we always end up walking imense distances in the city and we eat at the MacDonalds. Sophistication is for wankers. She disagrees with me on Damien Hirst's skull. This error in her ways we forgive her. We have to. She's nice.



I am declared 'well'. Or as well as I'll ever be, right? Thanks to the ministrations of several doctors, several doctor's assistants (also known as: tibetan mummy wrappers) and last but not least my girlfriend, I am once again healthy. And I was at work today. Yippie.

Anyway. Bump has nearly gone. Now I have to get this weakness out of my body and I'll be better! New and improved!

God, I hate illness.

And Obama got elected. This is a good thing for the world. If only because it's not George Bush. It will be a while though, before I trust the USA again. After all ... they elected Bush. It's going to take some apologies before I'll even answer the phone again if they call. Because they chose Bush. And he managed to get to the end of his term. Without getting shot.

Still ... it's nice. You know ... for them. And hopefully for the world.

And I never want to see Palin again. She is scary beyond all reason.