And ...

... to make the weirdness complete, my examinator and karate instructor joined me yesterday in a juijitsui lesson. Which was odd. I got the chance to actually explain a few armsnapping techniques to him.

Since, you know ... he's a white belt in Juijitsui. Weird stuff.


I ...

... passed.

Weirdest thing. Was probably the best karate exam I did so far.



Due ...

... to reasons wholly outside my sphere of influence (well, largely) I seem to be participating in a karate exam this evening.

I was informed of this yesterday. Trust me .. not the best of preparation. Weird, though ...


The ...

... Anti Crisis Girl.

Belated happy Eurovision everybody.

Boy, did this year suck. Nothing with any spark of intelligence or inspiration. Of course, going to Eurovision for inspiration is like asking a cow to build a skyscraper (pointless, meaningless and only delivering shit) but you get the point; it was worse than last year.

Norway send someone's younger nephew and won. Russia send a cry baby whose song sticks in my mind most. Iceland send the most beuatiful blonde ever ... but no song. France and Brittain tried to heat and FAILED ... stuff happened.

However: one song was weird to me. The Anti-crisis girl.


I keep hearing her sing "The Antichrist has come". this would undoubtedly be more exiting than her actual lyrics. It also changes the image somewhat. Now it looks as if Lillith and a couple of roman centurions are dancing about. Way too few burning crosses and other disasters and stuff though.

Too bad. She could have been a new Lordi.


I ...

... just figured something out: I like bonus stuff one gets with the CD's one buys.

Not a big shock to some people, maybe, but I like it just the same and I might as well be open about it since it will come out eventually.

So here it is again:


Let me give you a couple of examples, just so we know what we are talking about.

Collission course, the CD of the mash-ups of Linkin Park and Jay-Z came with a free DVD with the concert on it. But it also showed bits and pieces of how the album actually was made. So you see artists being artists. And they are discussing notes and how stuff must be sung and it's utterly fascinating. Here's a part of the process of making something. It's a process of weeks and months while the end result might be listened to in under an hour and while all the effort that went into creating it might not even be noticeable on first glance. It's utterly brilliant. For the same reason I like the bonus DVD that came with the RoadRunner United CD. Four different songwriters and a whole host of musicians are just talking and showing how they make their decisions ... brilliant stuff.

Artists being artsy.

I need some primer.


Ahum ...

... so anyway, we just had a little break from our usual schedule. We went into a little reserve somewhere in some place somewhere, where is really not important, as we hardly came out of our bungalow, really, only to swim and eat and it was ... fairly peaceful. Now, well, tomorrow I have to work again, my girl is already at work, and I really have to find a cure for that mindnumbing dread I have for going back to work.

Oh well ...

I see that the commercials in the side bar display weird belief systems again. Oddly enough ... when I finally get them steered away from figments of the imagination I sort of, kind of miss them. It's like a fairly comforting fairytale off to the side. The fact that idiocy abounds means that there will always be something to laugh at.

Look at this:

Christ-The hunger for Him
And the adoring of Him. Everything He can do for Man and Woman.

That just looks obscene.