Boudisque ...

... is ceasing to exsist in Amsterdam.

They do it with style, though. They've been cutting their prices to a ridiculous level to ensure there will be nothing left when the store finally closes at the end of this week. That's the nice bit.

The not so nice bit is that the store is CLOSING. I liked that store. Sure, it did not always have all the things you might want simply because there wasn't enough room but it did carry an awful lot and the people who were employed there did know stuff. They are obvious music lovers. Scruffy, smoking, but knowledgable.

Now, if I want something obscure or very, very metal I have to rely on some other store that employs some pimply adolescent who always look strangely offended if you do not buy the latest and greatest HIM CD. Or, gasp, Tokyo Hotel. they're usually a bunch of wankers at FAME. Let's be honest.

So, I may have to go back to Boudisque Amsterdam one more time. Just for old time's sake. And for the thirty percent off.

In other news: it snowed all day yesterday, so I figured it'd be awesome to deck out one of our plants in a christmassy vein and place a gift under it for my lovey. She appreciated it. Snow's fun. Blizzards too. If you happen to look out on it from inside a warm building. the view from the sixth floor was awesome yesterday.


In ...

... in recent times this blog has slowed a bit. That has a number of reasons. The more significant one was that my dear old dad is in the hospital. We were sort of anxious. We still are, actually, although the news was yesterday that he was doing a wee bit better. It was all ... ugly and stuff. With inflamations and fluid build-ups and kidneys and other doctor-y stuff which hardly ever manages to stick in my brain especially when it concerns my family. Weird. You'd think I'd remember stuff. Anyway. There seems to be some progress. Which is a good thing, you know. In general. As long as it doesn't lead to an increase in the CO2 footprint. Or something.


At work. Personally, I think that I'm doing too little. I want MORE. More WORK, that is.

I must be mad, right?

Anyway. My boss just staggered in here looking like death warmed over. I wanted to ask him just how strong the lonely biker really is (dutch pun) but it somehow seemed ... unwise.

I'll try to find something to do now. Might be a long search. Send a rescue party out after me if I'm back in five minutes.

I also noted that I use the word 'anyway' a lot. Might be a freudian thing. You know ... Any way?


Well ...

... I'm back at work. The fun is that I basically have to start over again with on the job training. I just have no clue and a limited amount of time to get to grips with stuff before the person who does the training leaves.

I'm getting repetitive. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Anyway ...

Fun people, fun place of work. We laugh a lot. Plus, I get a lunches with Rita again ...


Guess ...

... who got a job at the DMB?

What can I say? I'm contagious.


My ...

... lovey and me, we have done extensive work restoring the dead sea film scrolls and we are very pleased with the result. There's a red cat in it. And it looks like fun ... you know, just before the world drowned ...



Here's ...

... the vid.


YouTube hates me so it might not work all that well. Whatever. The idea is solid.

Been to the chiro. I'm sore and have a headache. I only feel like eating and buying more playmobil. More friendly animal things for my girlfriend and more vikings and romans. Therefore: amuse yourselves for a bit.

Today ...

... I invented a method of doing stop-motion animation. It's not perfect but it sort-a, kind-a works. It's fun. I have a few seconds of very shaky film now in which a felt tip pen moves around on its own and a few seconds of a playmobil roman crossing the image on his battle cart. It's fun but the image is shaky. But I like it. I might pick this up tomorrow. Try to come up with something nice ...

Anyway. I seem to be out of work these days and so far as I can tell this state will persist into next week. It gives me time to do some stuff but unfortunately it also leaves a lot of time for sheer boredom. Amazing how fast one gets used to the daily grind of work. The annoying thing is that when you're at work you have all these awesome plans about what to do with your free time. And when the free time arrives ... but I try to keep busy. Painting, guitar, studying, some stuff around the house ... although that is fairly limited. I am actually trying to take an actual break.

Still, we'll see what next week brings ... maybe someone, somewhere needs something from me again. Or not. Possibly.


Welcome ...

... to 'Pimp My Ride' ... Roman Style!
Meet septicus Maximus whose charger just isn't charging. Honestly, there's no room for a good spear, let alone for a few momentos taken from his holidays destroying villages all over England. Now, with the amazing technical skills our team (Joe The Special Plumber) posses we shall turn turn this trotted out one trick pony into an amazing battle ready piece of gear as never seen before, outside a movie about Ben Hur!
If you want to enter our program with your ancient stead, write to us on a stone tablet to the adress posted below ...