Pic Dump!


My ...

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Yesterday ...

... at eight o'clock I got a last kiss from my woman and dressed apprehensively, unsure of what the day might bring. Unsure, besides the knowledge that there would be wresting with irons, the possibility of death and mutilation and certain bloodloss. I stepped out and faced the enemy, clad in iron and coloured in a garish blue and red and silver paint, a war paint of a kind, intend to frighten and to make onlookers take heed of the might of the opposing force.

I began my battle, facing my enemy and my own fears and inch by hardwon inch I demolished, slayed and decimated the fearful, skeletal host, leaving me victorious and deathly tired and strangely mostly unscathed.

And after I took down this scaffolding we used to paint the house I went to the dentist and my blood was spilled.

What did you think I was talking about?


At work ...

... doing the administration. Basically, just being idle. I'll go home soon.

And of course the minute I typed that several people just barged in, either fysically or e-mail ... y.

Anyway. Maybe I'll be seeing a show tonight. It's a very rag-tag sort of affair with several artists present who shall remain nameless because they suck donkey dick and Guus Meeuwis, who seems a decent chap and in whom my girlfriend has a vested interest. And, on occasion I have to do stuff she likes as well, in order for my plan of complete dominance of our relationship to progress.

In other news: Pre-season is over, we're throwing the ball in earnest now. For me, last night at 2:30, I went downstairs and witnessed the first half of the first game of the 2009 season, Titans-Steelers. First half only because after that I fell asleep. It was 4:00 by then so I do feel justified in that. I liked the game as far as I saw it. Anyway, this morning I learned that the Steelers won. Well, good for them. On to Sunday.

Football is so much fun! The whole nuttiness and over the topness of the game is even evident in the name: the ball is not regularly touched by any foot and the ball really isn't a ball. No wonder there's more drama and arrests in the NFL than in all of sports put together (except cycling, i.e. the dope show); All those damned players are just suffering from an identity crisis by way of not knowing what game they're playing. It should be renamed for safety reasons so that the Plaxicos of the world won't shout themselves in the leg and consequently, more figuratively, in the foot and so that dogs and bi-sexual 'Reality' 'TV' 'Stars' can be 'safe' again from their troubled boyfriends.

Yeah. It's the name that causes the troubles.

Upon reflection there seems to be little difference between hounding and dogging Tila Tequilla and organising dogfights ...

I have just been informed that, yes, we do have tickets, so a mixed bag of assorted big floppy donkey dicks and Guus Meeuwis shall be observed in action today. You know, just so that you know, you know.



Well, it seems that another version of Five and dae's ... thing is up and running. It seems bigger and better and stuff than ever. For the very first time it has features which I don't get, games I don't get and people whom I don't get. this might be a mark against my progressing age or it may be that once again this dasterdly duo has managed to create a site that is so cutting edge it's just cutting me to the quick. Neither explanation is very welcome but if pressed for one I'd say I choose the latter.

Anyway ... there seems to be a slight involvement from a chicken. Dennis. Now, the original Dennis was a chicken that one day was brought to the door of our humble hovel by the neighbour's son having survived against all odds after being released into the wild by someone who couldn't care for the animal anymore. Seeing as we already had some chickens the old girl was brought to us. The neighbours later went bankrupt so maybe one should draw the conclusion never to give away a chicken seeing as it is indeed bad luck. For us, however, having Dennis was a lot of fun. It was an oddball chicken, a friend to all humans, who frequented my arm, my shoulder and various parts of my chair. Especially during intense Warcraft sessions. Ignore a chicken at your raid's expense, basically.

Unfortunately, Dennis recently passed away. Basically, the girl was old. This happens. It was fun whilst it lasted. Having said that I'm positively thrilled that Dennis the chicken is granted somesort of after-life in the form of a website dedicated to her where she even can be seen to make the occassional post from beyond the grave.I'm happy because of this. You lot did good.



Spike ...

... bought my painting!


It's gone to the other side of the country and that is a good thing. We thank Spike and we hope that many more people will do the same!

... take that, Van Gogh!


Thus ...

... we dump photos.
This is obviously what the bathroom looks like now, by day and by night.
Still makes me giggle ...