And ...

... suddenly we have a new bunny.

Suusje fell in love today and the little tyke is now resting inside a new cage. It's a totallt black bunny, really curious, very young and very lively. We're happy. It's name is, wait for it, Romeo B'shgetti Picachu. How that happened ... I do not quite know. It sort of happened and I had no control over it and, you know ... it happened.

Also: I have a headache.
Also also: it's my mum's birthday today.
Also also also: tomorrow Francisco is coming over to study.


Quick ...

... word on the music press.

It sucks.

And it doesn't.

Let me explain: there is only one magazine I read, often, and that is Aardschok. It has the most news about the bands I like most. That is the part I like. Aardschok, however, also has the annoying habit of informing me about the new releases of all the bands I like. therefore: it tells me that I have not nearly enough money to buy everything I like. Which is the part I hate. This month we get told about a Dimmu DVD, a Within Temptation DVD, a Kampfar CD and loads of stuff that I have to investigate. It's such a tough job being me.

On the other hand: they are mean to St.Anger. And I disagree. They just keep seeing it as just another CD whilst it really is an overall art piece detailing destruction and down-ward-spiraling.

Sometimes, however ... Listen to the new Into Eternity. It's ... heavy. Musically and textually since the band plays 'progressive black metal', whatever that is, and the lyrics deal with the death of three people close to the singer. Possibly this emotional charge is what makes it so goddamned awesome an album ... so impressive. It's a shame that this type of music rarely gets any attention. It's so worth it ... and I bought based on a review. There just aren't any rules to this music press thing. If only they were consistently sucky or great ...


Really ...

... odd thing in the Amsterdam canals, right now: older man, in a boat which has been rigged with a small barrel organ plays various classical music pieces. He plays them on horn whilst using the organ to accompany him. All this in a tiny boat whic spins on the water. It's ... strange. But funny.

So nice to see weird things. It makes me all tingly.



At least, I think they're in order. As it turns out the Netherlands are still the world's foremost producer of XTC! Every country has its talents but it's nice to, as a nation, get the recognition we so deeply deserve. Certainly if it is in a field that is so close to dutch people's hearts, namely, recreational drugs.

It's a proud moment for me.

There is some reason for concern since it seems that the amounts of drugs produced seem to be on the decrease. I'm sure however, that with a concerted effort we can turn this malicious tendency right around!

In other news: to my great shock, this morning, the Spits (a free rag mag calling itself 'newspaper') afforded half a page to NFL related news. One column to the season ending injury incurred by Tom Brady (goddamnit) and the remaining space to ... guess!!!

Favre? Pennington? The Colts losing? The interesting games played by the Saints or the Giants?The prospects of the Patriots? ... No! Of course not! How silly of me!

They gave that limited space to ... The Bengals! the wholly uninteresting, not performing at all well Bengals and their idiot receiver Chad Ocho Cinqo. Man ... an exciting first week and they manage to pick out the team that sucked to do a piece on.

It's rather depressing, I have to say. Oh well ... I suppose I should be happy that there is attention at all over here.

In more other news: we're still here! CERN did not blow us up. So far. Isn't that good? You have to wonder about scientists, though ... there was another moment like this, a few years ago. Scientists were at one point unsure whether a detonated nuclear bomb would just go 'boom'(* etc.etc.) or whether it could set the atmosphere on fire. Now, we know that doesn't happen. But we only know that because the morons went ahead and tried it. Now, if there is the slightest possibility of, you know, killing of all life on the planet, would you ... a. push the button, or ...
b. piss off to the pub and become a brick-layer

It seems so obvious.

I suspect that the thinking was that if the atmosphere were to be burned away it would at least be done by an american bomb so it would still count as a 'moral' victory.



The ...

... only song I expect to be REALLY funny in a gay nightclub:



So ...

... anyway ... it's, like, autumn. I have to do some behavioural-correction-course, sta here until released without trial and I feel homesick for Copenhagen.

So ... that is that.

God, I'm hungry. In order to eat less I eat apples. Does that make sense? The problem is that apples seem to evaporate immediately upon consumption. Which is sort of difficult as I'm not in the neighbourhood of a larder but more at the topfloor of my place of employment. If you feel the need to rescue me ... that's where I'm at. Anyway ... why does fat and fried food taste better and fill more? I think it's unfair and must be adressed by scientists.

I'm working my way through some ancient Dr.Who. The things that strike me are this: the old ones are really not so great anymore. You can sort of see what was exciting about it for an audience thirty years ago but it just doesn't work anymore. The quality begins to pick up around Dr.No.4. He's funny. He also has that maniac thing going on that I so appreciate. Also: how is it possible that kids from yesteryear were scared of men in silver tracksuits? Really ... it doesn't even look semi-convincing ... Also: Sarah-Jane Smith was a total softy, first time around.

And, last: watching Dr.Who whilst working is very satisfying ...


I ...

... made a discovery: small dogs are awful. However ... big men with small dogs look cute.

Mostly when you see men with huge arms straight from the gym with a dog you just know, deep down, that there goes an incredibly insecure species of human. You know the type: big, ugly, dumb, HUGE dog with HUGE teeth. However, every once in a while you meet a huge man, hours in the gym ... with a tiny dog. Obviously a sign that these men don't care how they look and don't feel the need to impress anyone. And instantly I like them ...

Though, technically, those dogs are still just laughable. Excited little critters who can't walk two blocks with getting tired. Oh, LeSigh ...

Thus, I have just proven: whether a dog looks nice or not is dependant on that ultimate accessory namely ... it's human. So ... why don't we let the dogs choose their owner from now on? Just so that the dogs gets the human that fits best ....