... that's done, sort of.

The kitchen is installed, the ruins mess that was my garden has again been rendered, if my girlfriend is to be believed, and I generally make it policy to believe her, in its former exquisite glory. The kitchen is nice. If you wack one of those drawers shut it slides nearly all the way in and then slows down until it gently shuts, quietly.

It's so amazingly cool, it's unbelieveable.

There are a few things that need to be done, still, but I'm sure they'll get done: electricity. Tiles. Of these two the tiles are the more problematic, strangely enough. I and my better 3/4 seem to have forgotten about the need for them so now we are faced with the need to sort of figure out a way to find a colour thing, scheme, whatever, that might fit in between the counter and the cubboards without clashing violently.

The problems one can face in suburbia. Really, if I get anymore normal I might have to take up beerdrinking and soccer. Abandon all hope ...


My house ...

... is a fucking mess.

Well, that might be overstating it, actually. Again: my house might be a mess. However, that is currently hard to say because the boxes containing our new kitchen are in the way of actuallyy seeing what is there. It's a little disturbing to me. The whole living room has been transformed in an oddly cardboard coloured maze.

Luckily some burly men who are good with hammers will come tomorrow and install the fucking thing so that live can return to a shade of normal again. That would be most appreciated.

For today though, it will be a weird walk towards the 'kitchen' 'area' of the house.

As a result of all of this though the bunny, which usually resides somewhere in the neighbourhood of the kitchen has had to move house to the attic. And seeing as she is indeed a spirited girl, known to attack your fingers if you annoy her overly much, this has not been met with a load of joy on her part. She's been grumpy a little, a lot. Which is sad.

The other spirited girl with whom I live is, contrary to my expectations completely calm under the ordeal. She seems to reason that there is nothing she can do about the mess because there just isn't room, which is true. I just hadn't expected that to be a reason to relax, as such.

It's a weird world ...

Also: just thought of Kamiel's girlfriend's Jedi name.




It is once again ...

... that time of the year when my girlfriend had her birthday. This was nice. We had fun. We learned interesting new things. We were pleased. We congratulated Suus. We do that here, again: congratulations!

It's going to be a mess of a few weeks with the placing of a new kitchen and a whole heap of festivities, parties and stuff going on. Seriously, why have all those people decided that they wanted to know people who all sort of have the same area of birthday effect? It's a mess.

My girlfriend, at least to my mind, sort of leads the charge. She's first in a long line of happy birthdays. Which means that yesterday was still fun and that we're approaching the foothills of a very busy alpine section.

Oh well. We will survive, again.

Also, Kamiel has a girlfriend.

Yay! We are happy for him!


What if ...

... the names of NFL teams actually meant something:

Jacksonville Jaguars - opponents get mauled and then eaten.
Cincinnati Bengals - opponents get mauled and then eaten. Unless these are Bengals of the T-I-double guh-errr type, which wouldn't surprise me. In that case opponents get annoyed by bouncing strategy.
North Chicago Bears - opponents get mauled and then eaten.
Detroit Lions - opponents get mauled and then eaten.
Carolina Panthers - opponents get mauled and then eaten. Possibly played with before being eaten. It's a cat, after all.

Denver Broncos - pretty horsey comes and tramples opponents.
Indianapolis Colts - pretty horsey comes and tramples opponents.
St. Louis Rams - ugly horsey comes and tramples opponents.

Baltimore Ravens - tough birds come and peck at opponents.
Philadelphia Eagles - tough birds come and peck at opponents.
Atlanta Falcons - tough birds come and peck at opponents.
Seattle Seahawks - tough birds come and peck at opponents.
Arizona Cardinals - tough birds come ... and sing at opponents?

New York Giants - big people come and go: SMASH!
Tennessee Titans - big people come and go: SMASH!

Dallas Cowboys - syphilis is given to opponents.
Kansas City Chiefs - ... and given back.
Buffalo Bills - ... and given back.
Washington Redskins - ... and given back.

San Diego Chargers - opponents get charged, possibly at? Or maybe they're in the horsy category? What do these people MEAN!?!
New York Jets - endless fly-overs annoy opponents. And that's it. They wouldn't bomb ... they might hit a bengal, or another endangered species.
Minnesota Vikings - opponents' villages gets looted, pillaged and plundered. Possibly burnt. They might not show up for the ball game but the opponent gets a nasty shock when returning from a road win.
Oakland Raiders - opponents are confused. Expected Twix.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - opponents are confronted by Jack Sparrow wannabe's. Plays called with unnecesary use of 'Arrr!'.

New Orleans Saints - opponents get prayed at a lot. might work, depends on worldview. In general I'd say ... bet on the lions.
San Francisco 49ers - opponents get confronted by really old people? No idea ...
New England Patriots - opponents get national anthem sung at it. Until death.
Miami Dolphins - opponents get in the water and has a whale of a time with the swimmig mammals. Also, opponents will get amazing ability to understand dolphin language and will always know where Billy is in trouble this episode. Possible confusion with Lassie as a game strategy.
Green Bay Packers - opponents suitcases get packed ... really, really neat. This surprises and confuses opponents and they will lose subsequentely.
Pittsburgh Steelers - opponents get tour of foundry. Get to see where Pittsburgh make their balls. Afterwards they go home.
Houston Texans - opponents get confronted by idiots in large hats who voted for Bush a lot. Possibly scarier than the Lions.
Cleveland Browns - opponents get bored to death. And colour blind; 'It's not brown ... it's red!' will be the agonised wail across the field ...

Now ... wouldn't you like to see such games?


Just ...

... watched several NFL games. It seems that they too invest time in breat cancer awerness week, or whatever it's called. It seems a noble thing to do, to get some attention and to get some cash for research.

However: players are wearing pink shoes, pink sweatbands, pink gloves and pink ribbons ... and i just can't get away from the thought that what I'm basically seeing is 2000 men, players and coaches and staff that are basically all saying: Hurrah for Boobies!!!