I ...

... just wanted to express my appreciation for the wonderful BBC. I'll tell you why. Aside from all the great programs of course they have a wonderful way of making things look good. Just now there was an anouncement on for a documentary about the history of protestantism. Now, I don't give a flying fuck about protestantism. I don't think I even know any protestants. Or, any protestants I actually like. yet, I wanted to see this documentary. That's how good they manage to sell their programs and that's how good it looks.

So, that's why.

You know ... aside from Dr.Who. QI. Monthy Python. Crufts. Snooker. Red Dwarf. And a million other things.

You know, aside from that.


This ...

... goes out to Fransisco.

Mainly because, you know, he asked for it.

So, I had this, you know, bright idea ... I was going to watch some DS9 here since there is simply dork all to do as per usual. get this: I never even considered, mainly because I'm not geek-a-mundo, that the thingies used here to swallow silver discs are still CD-Rom playas. And not, as I would, you know, like, and even, currently, argueably, need, a DVD playa. So, you know, sucks. And all that trouble for nought. I did, however, carry the DVD here in the CD case of Metallica's ... And Justice For All. Which basically is their angriest record to date (strangely enough, considering their latest offering was called Saint Anger, but I don't make the rules, you know?) so, at least I have a CD here that gels nicely with my current state of mind.

Get ...And Justice For All, though. Good record. Bad production, internal strife, substance abuse and a little too much of everything within the band made it a terrible time for the actual bandmembers. However, this leads to some wonderful music and let's face it: we're all willing to sacrifice a little of the artist's sanity for our listening pleasure.

It's ten oçlock(<= fucked up keyboard). I haven't got a clue how to get through this day. It's worrisome. Now, usually, a day might fly by here, strangely enough, but I thik I'm sort of done for now with all the goodies this computer might have to offer. It's just fucking weird. but people pay me for this and let's face it: I'd rather be here than in Afghanistan.

Something else: I really have to start wearing my discman in trains again. It might save me from overhearing discussions that make me feel old. Was I ever 18 and, you know, STUPID like other people are? Seriously ... I guess what worries people is relevant to age but listening to inane prattle about some girl who might have, somehow, somewhen, told some guy, who wears a cap proudly proclaiming the fact that a judge had him put on probation, allegedly, to have a fight with some other guy (who, in this case, happened to be the speaker) is just enough to make anyone cringe and find an iPod (EgoPeul, denk ik, in het nederlands) to hide inside. I know that this kind of behaviour (the seeking out of a noise machine to hide inside) leads to a lack of communication and a proliferation of isolation but DAMN ... here's a buck. Buy a clue. Until that time, find me currled up with music that sounds as if it wants to kill your mommy.

On the subject of being tough in these conversations with women ... does that ever really work? I had my doubts when I was 18. I always felt that that sort of talk plummets to the depths of stupidity and secretly I suspected women to know this as well. Seriously, do wome fall for the muscle rolling brainless twat who expounds on his heroic stance in the face of another young fucker with even less restraint?

I must be getting old. I have a terrible urge to shout at these kids. Tell them to get of my lawn, or something.

Iets blijer: low-level terrorism. Haal uit al die 'Hoera! Een meisje!' of 'Hoera! Een jongen!' de letter 'A' weg en kijk wat voor puinhoop je creeert in de wereld.

Viva La Revolución!



... my eyes are OK!

Had them checked. Supposedly I have a really thick cornea. But a nice optic nerve. I saw it. It was beautiful.

Besides that, it's weekend. Pretty soon I'll be head admin. for reasons beyond my wish and control. And beyond my explanation, just now. And, oh yeah, it's autumn and there are nice colours. All is good.

If a little confusing.


Further ...

... info concerning the kind of place I work at.

A colleague of mine walked into the door yesterday and got handed a flower, a plastic flower(this is important to the story, trust me) because she travels to her job on public transport.

Very environmentally aware these people here.

Well, she hopped on the elevator and got accosted immediately. The question put to her was: why do you get plastic flowers when real ones are nicer and are not created using environmentally taxing methods.

I thought it funny ...

Also yesterday:

I got offered a 1 year contract with Sargas. It's nice to be appreciated by someone. And for the first time for a longer stretch of time! Yay!

Also also yesterday:

I joined Francisco and my sweet in actual gym exercise. It was funny and fun. All these medieval torture machines that people go on voluntairily. All those big men trying to become even bigger. All these weird metal objects. It's like a room full of installation pieces by various five year olds.

All in all good fun and good exercise and something which I will, maybe, repeat.


Things ...

... to do when bored at work:

Of course, there's this blog. Always the fun. Obviously. Since it's mine. Duh.
Then there's Five And Dae, linky at the bottom, who rule in their own way and who seem to have a severe hang-up about pixelated clothes design. Life can only get stranger from this point onwards.
Then, when I'm alone, I'd like to seek YouTube out in order for there to be some real music for once. Today, there have been entries from Sirenia, Tristania, Rammstein, Nightwish. If my frustration holds I'll end with Cannibal Corpse, or something. You know, harsh. Maybe DeathSpell Omega. (Which is actually a good band, a little brainier than the average Black Metal fare. Alas, it's so black that it really isn't music but more Avant-Garde Art.)
Then, there is DarkFuture. And PopCap. And any other games site there is. But I have a bit of difficulty finding a good one ...
Then there are online comics. Those are cool.
Then there is Wiki.
Then there is some lessons to be taken.
Then there is reading a book.

... in short, I am bored stiff.

The truth of the matter is that there is some discussion about the amount of people needed to maintain our little island of administration. People have come to check out what we do here. So, there were women sitting in chairs looking over the shoulders of the regular 'workforce'. Somehow this struck me as a tinge degrading. these people will turn out some piece of crappy report and on the basis of that descisions will be made. I have a sneeking suspicion that my job shall be axed post 30 november. And then I shall have to leave this isle of comfort and luxury ... or boredom.

Anyway, I sort of like it here, so, you know, I'd not be all too pleased when asked to leave. But I have confidence that I'll soon find another gig.


The image of the TARDIS has become firmly linked to the show in the public's consciousness. In 1996, the BBC applied for a trademark to use the TARDIS' blue police box design in merchandising associated with Doctor Who. In 1998, the Metropolitan Police filed an objection to the trademark claim; in 2002 the Patent Office ruled in favour of the BBC, indicating that the police box image was more associated with Doctor Who than with the police.




... post nr. 100.

It's a milestone, trust me. It means that I have managed to bullshit this much internet space full. And you have to admit, with the internet being such a responsible and well maintained place it's a miracle that people allow such drivel as mine to see the light, let alone waste ugly amounts of electrons. The world, she is an imperfect place.

Thank god.

yesterday I had a day off and we had a marvelous time doing all sorts of stuff that needed doing. It was fun, especially when my girl proclaimed that she was actually having fun whilst shopping in the city, which, for her, is a rare unique occurance which should be commemorated by a small plaque on a HEMA and a short speech by an alderman.

So, I had fun. We also went to see my old school in Bergen, because we felt like it, and i think I managed to make 'someone' jealous. My old school is situated IN a forest, basically. And that is wonderful. Well, at least it was. I was actually sort of happy there.


Anyway. At work now, listening to tales of company outings dramatique. Actually they went to see the insides of the Tuschinski theatre so, you know, I missed out on that. Oh, bugger. But such is life. At least I did not have to participate in the horrendous games and drinking afterwards. I'm bad at those ....


I ...

... was just carefully reminded of the fact that I had forgotten to upload pictures of my coat as remoddeled by my girlfriend. So, you know, we'll do that now.

Because I'm proud of it. And because too few people walk around in them anymore. And, you know, because it's fun. And because my girl did an exceptional job on it and it was not unlike slave labour or monks' jobs ....


Ah ...

... something else. Today, the front page of one of the free papers out here carried a picture of some iranian men who were hanged by the neck until dead for undisclosed crimes 'to improve the safety of Iran'. I think we can easily establish that the death penalty is inhumane and pointless as a deterent against crime. No one has the right to take life from other people. And a state should not be exempt from that.

That's one.

The second is that I found the blatant front picture very shocking ... well, actually, it wasn't the front page, I lied. The front page was a page-sized advert for sloggi underwear. There were loads of arses in it. You turned that page and then you looked at dead muslims. The irony was not lost on.

I do feel that you shouldn't just fling these pictures on the (nearly) front page. It's disrespectful and potential harmful. Previously, some things were just not shown and maybe that wasn't suh a bad idea ...

I am currently reading Executioner: Pierrepoint. That probably has something to do with my feelings as well.

It's a good book, though. Honest. I appreciate that.


At ...

... work, catching up with an old love.

Not a really sweaty one, trust me, because the lady in question doesn't know me, and besides that she has a rather gay love-life.

It is, of course, Jeanette Winterson.

Every once in a while I stumble onto her website, http://www.jeanettewinterson.com, and I marvel at how pretty it is and how relaxing a presence on this here world wide web.

She'll have a new book out soon and I'm bound to read it as I have done (nearly) everything she's put out there since Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit. I admire her language. It's poetry in a prose form and it works really well. I shall not proclaim to understand everything she writes, though I try, but it is a rich experience in language, stories and ideas.

I may not always agree with her, for instance when she writes about Harry Potter or about Disney's Hercules, and I may not even always really like her, when she's particularly preachy (maybe something in her upbringing?), or a bit too smug, or tells us how to live ... but I will say this:

The Woman Can WRITE.

I would urge people to read some of her work. It's worth the 'effort'.


Today ...

... was a new low in my job. I think I will pay for it tomorrow, however, but today ... I just sat there for four and a half hours, did the mail (badly, no doubt) and then I left. Honestly, what the fuck am I doing there. A waste of my very large talents ...

Oh, by the way: http://uss.ytmnd.com/ ... ta, chicko! Sound on, by the way ...

I think we'll take a little commercial break and we'll just mention the band Skyclad. I recently played some of their old albums again and it was a refreshing experience. Musically, it's folk-metal, the first real folk-metal band, in my opinion. Lyrically, it's anger. It's true anger. Martin Walkyier is a gifted word-smith, really in a league all his own. The man has issues and he's not above sharing this with his audience in the hope of improving society at large. Seriously.

I'd strongly recommend anyone who is capable to do so to seek out some of his work. Not from the latest two albums since he was replaced by another vocalist and this one really sucks, basically, and the anger went away ... but anything before that is just exceptional.

In other news, I recently met, shortly, with Ilse Smit (at least ... I assume that's still her name). Now, she was a friend of mine when I was at school. I hadn't seen her in a long, long time and I have to say that it was fun seeing that at least one of the people I knew then is doing very much fine. She sounded very happy. Which made me happy. So, you know, life man, dig it, it was awesome.

Also: why is music never really put together with the arts? I always find it strange that people talk about art and music as if these things have nothing to do with each other ... maybe it's because art conjurs up the image of somethingsolid and touchable ...

And: http://www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho/news/cult/news/drwho/2007/09/03/48473.shtml

*grin* ... Empty Child/The Doctor Dances and The Girl In The Fireplace ... *grin*

"We just make some shit up!"


Have ...

... you ever known what it's like to be a goldfish?

There's an extra lady here in my room at work. Her job is to observe Rita, a fellow inmate, doing her duties. And she's just THERE. All the time. Asking things. And writing things down. It's ... unnerving.

Now, normally I'd feel a little sorry for Rita for being so heavily burdened and plagued. However, she was just rude to me (she told me that she wouldn't discuss something with me, rather forcefully, whilst I was only attempting to express my opinion on some subject. She should be eager to listen to me. It doesn't happen THAT often, you know, that I have an opinion on office matters) and I can't summon a lot of sympathy right now. Actually, right now, I hope the report on her activities wil be short and scathing. I shall have no such luck.

I'm tempted to lock them in a room together. Maybe with some sharp implements ...