To ...

... illustrate how much I don't work with laptops ... I chose the wrong colour for the lettering in the post below. Oh, LeSigh(tm). It's a bit blood red much.

The sentiment is still good though ...


So ...

... I'm at my sister's, abusing her computer, which is fun! I've never ever done that. It's, like, one of those moveable ones, thingy, whatever. Anyway, my sis' husband is going away for a bit to Canada and we're here to tell him that we like him and that it's important to us that his plane doesn't crash. You know, that mushy family important stuff. So there ... André ... have fun. And, like, don't crash.

Also, we made some nice paintings ... but I can't upload pictures here. But, you know, I might.

Wow. This keyboard really, really sucks.


So, anyway ...

... spend the week working. I think. There was this party sort of in the middle. Dat breekt zo lekker de week. Nothing really shocking happened to me, this week. (I know that this implies that shocking things happened elsewhere but, if that is true I'm probably not at liberty to discuss that right now. Drat.)(Things did happen, by the way.)

Bought the new Eluveitie album. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msRy4vcSX4k
It's, like, folk-metal, only, without the ... hmmm ... metal. It's a totally acoustic album. Weird. But I really liked Slania, one of the best albums of last year, so I'll give this a spin. It has a free DVD of their performance at Summerbreeze 2008 so ... that'll rock.

Bought the new God Dethroned album. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MA7g2K9PlYw
It's like folk-metal, only without the ... hmmm ... folk. This thing is brutal. It's so rarely that I buy something under the guise of death metal and when I do it had better be damn good. And this is. Also ... free CD with this edition!

I like special editions ... they make me ... warm and fuzzy.


So ....

... this is what happens when you leave people in the neighbourhood of the internet. They get IDEAS.
This is currently our trashcan. I'm esperimentin'. I think that, so far, it looks cool. I think it's a skill one can get better at ....


Flickr ...

... is gay.

That's just a bad pun in dutch not a criticism of the photo site.

Still. I'm one to talk. I have been typing this stuff in a hot pink letter since 2007.

In recent times I've been well impressed with http://www.banksy.co.uk/ and http://www.flickr.com/photos/26296445@N05/ . Their work is genius, original and a lot of fun. Not to mention often illegal. Fascinating. Yesterday I was reading about the techniques involved in making graffiti with masks and stencils and haughtily I thought that I could do that as well. And; I can, up to a point. An amateur point but still. I am happy that I have some weird paintings of Mark Beentjes around me. Even one on our trashcan outside. I wanted to test it on a black surface. Hence the Kliko. I'd love to show you pics but my girl has the camera. But since she comes back today from the deep dark jungle of southern Limburg (with a Dark Crystal AND a Labyrinth DVD!) photos will appear.

For now I have to say: it's hella fun, doing graffiti. Really, you should try it.

So, being alone has taught me a few things. One: I don't like to go to sleep alone. I go on to the point of collapse and exhaustion and then I sleep. Second; I feel the house is more secure when there's two of us in there. Thirdly ... bleh.

So, it's just as well that the lady comes back today. Now we know how much we really appreciate each other.

Also, The Passion of Saint Matthew. It's a nice piece of music. Well, piece ... it's three hours long and it's possibly the most depressing musical ever. Although that Mama Mia thing ...

Three hours of emotions and words and some neat music about how Jesus was hung. It's a bit much and at first I considered it well developed torture porn, like Hostel (the movie, which I haven't seen, actually) but it's not about the blood and pain. If I understand correctly the whole crucifiction thing is dealt with in a few short sentences. I think it's more of a story about loss and betrayal and the feelings involved in that and as such it has a timeless worth.

It was seven euros at the free record shop. Money well spend, I'd say. Weird thing is that I do still feel the need to defend listening to it. Otherwise I probably wouldn't have typed this.

Also: watch out for religious ads again in the margins. And just when I had the thing fixed.

Also: this is brilliant. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FehBgQeVKFQ

A rare bit of insight in the refrain of the song. Lame duck lyrics in the rest, of course, but still.


So ...

... anyway. Currently my girlfriend is in Limburg. Now, I don't really know anyone who would go there voluntairily either but there you go. It's a work thing. She has the esteemed role of being leader to a gaggle of tiny humans whom shall be henceforth known as 'her students'. Yeah. I wouldn't either. Luckily everything is going great.

First night one of the little ducklings managed to nearly sever his tendons in his right arm by walking into a door with a glass in his hand. Fortunately for this IDIOT, LUNATIC, WASTE OF BRAIN everything could be fixed up right sweet by the local ER docs. So, you know, he can continue to draw. It seems that a decent grip on things, such as a pencil, is necessary if you want to make that your career.

Artsy types. Fucking flakes.