I ...

... have glowing stars on the bathroom ceiling! They're glow-in-the dark stars. I have no idea how that works but I have to say that it makes me intensely happy. It also makes me giggle a lot. This is a good thing. I should probably have invested some meager resources in finding out whether this effect is something which can be documented via photograph ... but I hadn't thought of it yet and it's a quarter past one now. Oh well. Maybe next time.


Welllllll ....

I haven't written in a bit. Mainly because I was on holiday and tired. And then there was the pure and undilluted shock of being back at work. Which was horrid.

Anyway. Holiday. Berlin.

We decided through a process of elimination to go to Berlin. I had been a while back with me da', and Suus had never been.

Well. It's still busy, it's still being built, there's still a lot of wall stuff and war stuff and it still has awesome stuff. KDW FTW!

In the end though, we both felt that Berlin was a bit depressing. There's just too much history associated with that place and not all of it good, one might say. To illustrate: there is one subway connection that starts at station Wannsee and ends near Sachsenhausen. Possibly too much, a bit. Maybe. Also, they still haven't cleared out the damage done by WWII or the building and then the destruction of the Wall so, you know ... it's a bit much, sometimes.

Also: all the things I wanted to see were either closed or refurbishing. So, that was thoroughly depressing as well. Very little art to be had and I sort of felt like seeing some modern german art. Bastards. I'll give you a for instance. For instance, Das BauHaus Archiv decided to completely empty thier premises and offer the paying public(!) the unique opportunity to view the building ... completely empty! And they billed this as an opportunity!

www.bauhaus.de if you want to giggle at artistic pretentiousness.

So ... Neue Gallerie, Hamburger Bahnhof, Guggenheim all closed or half-closed.

Topografie des Terrors, Medizin Museum, Stasi prison we did see. And they were all suitably impressive and interesting.

Also, a five floor train/subway/tram station is not something you see every day.

After that, work came again and you know ... never a fun thing. Actually. Weird, huh? My girl has to start soon too. She's busy already, mainly by being fucked over. And not in a good way. By the government. And some university type thing. So, she's really looking forward to her life back on the job.

And thus, we slouch on. Slowly and assuredly. However, positive things there are as well:

-Football season is nearly upon us again. Yay! Go ... well, everyone but the Giants ... basically. Or the Cowboys. Or the Colts. (Need to get that TV thing sorted. Bastard UPC money grabbers.)
-Someone is trying to buy a painting from me!
-Ehm ... I've got scotch!

Yeah ...


Yesterday ...

... Dennis the chicken died. After living with us for two years and cheating death twice the little chicken just was too old. And 'old' is one thing you don't recover from. We tried to keep her comfortable as best we could. Which, all things considering is quite a job. How do you keep an animal comfortable? It's not as if they can share their hopes, dreams and desires with you ... but we do our best.

But take it from me: this was not funny.


Well ...

... food was eaten. Drinks did flow. The celebrations of a birthday have come and gone and it was awesome. I even have a bit of a hangover from the second installment of the festivities which, for me, is quite rare.

It was goooood ...

We should do this more often.