Today ...

... is the day!

Well, one of the days. But mostly, it's THE day.

Now, I have to explain. Although I think my girlfriend got it in one go. But then again ... she's my girlfriend.

Today Francisco has his birthday. This is a good thing. We like him and therefore we like his continued existance. Also ... there will be BBQ. Now ... in his family it's not so much a meal as it is an art form. It has been studied, carefully planned and after the studying and the planning they become commited. It's fairly awesome to watch Chico carefully building a pyramid of coal just so, you know. It's a thing of beauty.

Therefore it's the day. His birthday. Also one of two days in the year I shall freely and unreservedly consume meat from an outdoor grill without worrying and with relish and enjoyment.

Yes. There will be relish!

(The second day will be when he celebrates again in the weekend.)

Happy birthday, Chico. We're looking forward to it.

Also, yesterday, I finally became VIP with something! Yay! In recognition to the hundreds of euros I spend at Fame recordstore I'm now and forever a VIP member. Special sales day, here I come!


Updates ...

... galore!

One: the other blog I 'manage' has some new pics. Finally. After all this time. After Kamiel asked for them. I should and will (hohum) update more!

One of them things that gets swept under the rug. I'm not very good at the self-promoting side of communication. I really need to get rich and hire an assistant.

With that in mind ... hey, I made a nice little bridge:


Just something I need to try, I suspect. After much pushing. From, you know, others, who shall remain nameless. And in my bed. If it sells ... IF it sells ... I might be persuaded to do something similar again, but sooner.

So ... buy it. You bastards.




... and

yesterday we again saw two movies. We're now forced to wait for Harry Potter. *sigh*

Anyway. We saw The Proposal. Which was a fun, light, great rom-com. And it had the cutest sammy puppy in it which was great. Also, Sandra Bullock was pretty and acted well and Ryan Renolds timing was great. Pretty nature too, by the way. I was happy!

And then we went to a mystery movie. Which probably was the worst 12 euros I ever had spend. We saw Lesbian Vampire Killers and it was an utter, utter, utter pile of SHIT. What a terrible rubbish crap piece of waste.

The funniest moment was when the moviereel broke. So, loads of checking and goings on in the projection booth. They finally manage to get it going again ... it plays for about a moment and the movie displayed the 'pauze' sign, meaning ... you've got 20 minutes to do something else.

Jesus. It was bad.

At home I figured out what was wrong with the movie. 'Lesbian' belonged to the wrong noun. It belonged to 'vampire' and NOT to 'killers'. Had it belonged to 'killers' that would have meant two different leading actors (namely; women, evidently) and probably more sex. In stead we got two wankers of brit 'comedians', who couldn't carry a tune, much less a movie.


Oh well .. I was there with the girlfriend so that helped loads. Shared misery and all that.


Saw ...

... two movies today: Angels&Demons and Ice Age 3D.

Both are competently made. Neither is earth shattering. But we don't want the earth to shatter and it was just plain nice to be in a cinema again. Even if the nice young man from Schagen had a hard time pronouncing Angels&Demons.

Let alone Ice Age.

Man, is it ever a farmer's community. But, you know, new cinema in the area, plus, my lady asures me that this was the last time we could go and see Angels&Demons. So ... it needed checking out. Also: weird 3D glasses. Weird technology. No idea how it works but it seems to work better than it used to because I seem to be headache free! Yay!

It was fun. Ice Age.

And I want one of them dinosaurs.


Rereading ...

... Harry Potter. Again. Still worth it. Odly melancholic business though. I think back on when the book was new and I had all that wonderful stuff still in front of me. And I think back on my own schooldays and the start of the school year and so on and so on. And how old I'm now and stuff. Fucking depressing, really.

Still, the book is good. Brilliant even. I think I have a bit of an issue with number seven, though. It gets a bit heavy handed on the christian imagery and stuff. Saviours returning from death. A kindly bearded fellow in heaven. Attempts at forgiveness for the evil-doers ... stuff like that. I hate C.S.Lewis for that shit so I can't really let Rowling get away with it. But, to be honest, she has written books which are just so much better than anything in the Narnia series so we'll forgive her a lot more.

And I don't like it that Rowling used real world quotes as epigrams to the book. I find it akin to breaking the fourth wall. I think she ought to have been able to come up with somethig to express the same feelings on her own.

All that, however, is six books away. Right now it seems that life is difficult enough with Fluffy on a trapdoor ....


I ...

... seem to have gained Salsa ads? How did that happen? Did I mention them somewhere ...


Party. Yes. Desperate men groping my girlfriend. Now I remember. It was ... interesting. Everybody seems to have an interest in my girlfriend's ass anyway. Well, let's face it ... she looks good. And this includes her ass. Eventhough it's shrinking fast.

I have a seering headache from paintfumes. Tomorrow we're going shopping for a ... mask. A carbon, c14, c12 wtf, whatever, mask. I'm into spray painting stuff, as you might have noticed, but I think it might be slightly unhealthy. Might be. Slightly.

I have to post pics.

REMIND me, internet, to post pics.


At ...

... work, yesterday, we had a party (minor one) to celebrate that a new computer system has been adopted for our department. Sounds exciting?

But wait ... there's more!

We're not sure it even works!

Yeah. THAT kind of party. Lots of desperate smiles. But it was fun, still, sort of. I notice that I can't even develop a nice bit of unbelieve about it, let alone any rage. It's just how this stuff is done at my job. Always and unbelieveably true. It should surprise me.

Then I went and bought books for Kamiel and home to paint a smurf. Whatever else you can say about my day ... that last bit surprised even me.

Today the leader of the whole organisation shall be joining us to see what it is we do. I have high hopes of avoiding him like the plague. Not because I dislike him, or anything, although that would most certainly be an option but mostly because I don't like being observed. They might find out that I'm faking it all ...