So ...

... anyway.

I have this woman looking over my shoulder at all ties these days, at work (so as not to give the impression that there's one hovering all the time, because that would be really, truly frightening) so that precludes me posting much of anything. Said woman will be taking over my job in the not too far flung future (thank the lord) and she's really trying to absorb as much as she can, bless her heart.

That said, I hate it when people look to me for guidance. I have the incredible knack of sending people in the wrong direction and I am just not convincing enough to ... convince 9lame sentence) people that my course is the right one. This is why I avoid this sort of thing like the plague. However, the plague did make a stop this time.

She's nice, though.

Weekend was filled with training. And with HellGate:London. And with garden duties. And there was the final footballgame of the season, so from now on the sundays are free again. Luckily House has started again. One needs to have some obsession to be able to get through life.

It was a lovely weekend.

So ... what's with the 'word' 'detox'? Why does it annoy me so much? Of late I keep hearing people talking about it like it's the Holy Grail to saturate your body with sparkly water. And it's such an ugly word. A prefix with a shortened word stapled on to it as if it's an annoying by-product of the OED assembly line.

It did get me thinking.

If you can do it with the prefix 'de-' others must be possible to. Thus:

Pretox. Taking of toxins before the actual taking of toxins.
Freetox. Happy hour at your local toxins dispensary.
V-tox. Virtual taking of toxins. Second no life.
E-tox. Taking of toxins with online friends.
Post-tox. Hangover from taking of toxins.
Atox. Never taking any toxins at all.
Retox. Taking of toxins after a bout of detox.
Metox. Taking of toxins alone.
Teentox. Unlawfull taking of toxins on account of youth.
Ecotox. Taking only environmentally friendly produced toxins.
Eurotox. Taking only european toxins.
Greentox. Taking only toxins that are green.
Nu-tox. Taking of hip toxins.
Old-skool-tox. Taking of toxins just like your daddy did.
Comatox. Taking of toxins until keeling over and lying still.
Tockstox. Taking of toxins amongst the chickens.

... if I think of more I'll add them ...

Or, you know, you can, if you want to.

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