I'm at home and I'm ill! It seems, public service anouncement by the way, that if you get hit in the shin often enough a weakness can occur which can be exploited by such opportunistic things as inflamations. In short: my leg is purple. My right lower leg. Fortunately I have a girlfriend who has had the unenviable task of getting me through some nice delirium, leg pain, headaches and hour long showers. Don't ask me why. It seemed right at the time.

I'm bad at being sick. My brain just gets into these horrible obsession moments about books and TV shows and it's just ugly. Trust me ...

Anyway. If things go right I'll be loads better today. Well ... I'm up, walking, have eaten a banana ... I'm doing just fine.

The doctor who checked out my leg pushed her thumb into the centre of the infection. Which, needless to say, hurt. Puh-lenty. You know what I did, indoctrinated as I am? I tapped out. I clapped my hands to signal to my 'opponent' that I 'gave up'. I feel sort of silly ...

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