Yes. On Bunnies.

We just put ours in the fresh snow for a bit just to see what she'd make of it.

Nada. Zip. Disappointment all around.

Usually, in our experience, bunnies are quite ... stupid. So ... they walk around for a bit. Then they discover, oh horror!, that they're ickle feet are wet. So they clean them. When that is done they walk in the snow for a bit. Thewn they discover that they'r feet are sort of wet. So ... they clean them ....

See where this is going?

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Anonymous said...

pretty ladies looking for a husband. Latin beauty queens, no less! I vote for bunnies though. We should see ads for bunny food. They love to eat sunflower seeds. And have you ever tried feeding your bunny rose petals or violet petals? They love them!

Come to think of it, apparently if you dip rose petals in egg (loosely beaten) and sprinkle them with sugar, you can toast them in the oven and eat them. Yay forflowers. And bunnies.