The ...

... Anti Crisis Girl.

Belated happy Eurovision everybody.

Boy, did this year suck. Nothing with any spark of intelligence or inspiration. Of course, going to Eurovision for inspiration is like asking a cow to build a skyscraper (pointless, meaningless and only delivering shit) but you get the point; it was worse than last year.

Norway send someone's younger nephew and won. Russia send a cry baby whose song sticks in my mind most. Iceland send the most beuatiful blonde ever ... but no song. France and Brittain tried to heat and FAILED ... stuff happened.

However: one song was weird to me. The Anti-crisis girl.


I keep hearing her sing "The Antichrist has come". this would undoubtedly be more exiting than her actual lyrics. It also changes the image somewhat. Now it looks as if Lillith and a couple of roman centurions are dancing about. Way too few burning crosses and other disasters and stuff though.

Too bad. She could have been a new Lordi.

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