Well, it seems that another version of Five and dae's ... thing is up and running. It seems bigger and better and stuff than ever. For the very first time it has features which I don't get, games I don't get and people whom I don't get. this might be a mark against my progressing age or it may be that once again this dasterdly duo has managed to create a site that is so cutting edge it's just cutting me to the quick. Neither explanation is very welcome but if pressed for one I'd say I choose the latter.

Anyway ... there seems to be a slight involvement from a chicken. Dennis. Now, the original Dennis was a chicken that one day was brought to the door of our humble hovel by the neighbour's son having survived against all odds after being released into the wild by someone who couldn't care for the animal anymore. Seeing as we already had some chickens the old girl was brought to us. The neighbours later went bankrupt so maybe one should draw the conclusion never to give away a chicken seeing as it is indeed bad luck. For us, however, having Dennis was a lot of fun. It was an oddball chicken, a friend to all humans, who frequented my arm, my shoulder and various parts of my chair. Especially during intense Warcraft sessions. Ignore a chicken at your raid's expense, basically.

Unfortunately, Dennis recently passed away. Basically, the girl was old. This happens. It was fun whilst it lasted. Having said that I'm positively thrilled that Dennis the chicken is granted somesort of after-life in the form of a website dedicated to her where she even can be seen to make the occassional post from beyond the grave.I'm happy because of this. You lot did good.


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