So ...

... Fido is growing, it seems. This is of course a good thing. But progress is luckily S-L-O-W. Unlike some other ladies in our neighbourhood my girlfriend and the therein contained tiny human have decided to not explode outward at an exponential rate from week 1 on out but rather taking it slow. Like smooth, cool jazz. A comparisson which will drive my girlfriend bonkers, I suspect. Or not, as the case may be. However, slowly, but surely, it seems that there is a bulge forming. It's hard to tell but you know ... it's there.

The kid is growing.

Suddenly I realize that at a certain point in time I may be called upon to explain things. To the kid, as it were. Now, I'm not much of a teacher so, you know, that's a worry (I have one class, consisting of one student). However, how do you explain things which are just unexplainable?
Things like whale hunting, boredom, (fuck, this morning in the train I had way better examples, typical, sleepy-eyed my mind works better or something), war (oh, the cliché), meetings about nothing ... what does one say?

The sex talk, we've figured out, though: when a mommy and a daddy love eachother very much, God decides to send a stork to fetch a kid from a cabbage patch and deliver the kid to the mommy and daddy. That's the story and I'm sticking to it until he/she is 18.

Well ... 16.

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