So ...

... how does one do that communicating thing anyway? I seem to be bad at it, if only evidenced by the huge gaps between posts of late.

Obviously, this is due to several things, chief of which is the following: we're having a kid. And thinking about that sort of takes up time. I'm informed that I should do something with that, on pain of pain, so, you know, I may have to write about it on here. To please the masses of followers (1) who oddly enough isn't someone I actually know. Which freaks me out a little, I have to say ...

Anyway, kid. He kicks. As he gets bigger and the housing is getting more cramped his movements are getting more noticeable. And, honestly I have to wonder how in the name of all that is holy this does not hurt the packagaing. The packaging informs me that at most things are uncomfy but I assure you, gentle readers, that from the outside at least it feels like a fucking hurricane in there. Or an earthquake. Belly-quake. And not in the nice Shakira way. Hot damn does he kick.

Anyway, bought cubboards for the kid, for all the junk he needs, which is a LOT ... seriously ... every kid should come with an extra room delivered by the interior design stork. But, yeah, cubboards. Need to finish that room, I feel. Would be nice ...

In other news: I'm leaving Amsterdam and going to work in Leiden. Still via Maandag and yet again with an environmental division of municipal government. 'S a good thing because I'm starting to suffer from Stockholm syndrome here. Besides that, yesterday we were close to having a fist fight in our workplace because people disagreed on the proper and correct procedure to rid oneself of files and folders and since this was supposed to be a cushy deskjob (yeawn) and not a visit to the trenches I'm pleased to leave the in-fighting behind. And probably go elsewhere for other in-fighting. Which will be new in-fighting and I do so love to have changes in my in-fighting.

Also: I'm making new paintings. They aren't comfortable bt rather a bit ... pornographic. Not sure how that happened but I just roll with it. It's fun!

There ... happy, readership?

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