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... all of us here at BeoPuppy inc. a happy new year to you and yours ...

And now, without much ado, a list of people who I do not wish to see ever again in 2008.

The Hilton sisters. Youthful delinquents who should be in jail because of their arrogance.
Spears, b. I want her to drop out and get her life together. Afterwards, if she can be a nice girl, we'll see whether she can play again.
Carlo&Irene. Crimes against humanity.
Gordon. Only person on the planet who thinks it cool to tell a young hopeful Idol's contestant that it should be shot.
Idol's contestants. Tempting to type: 'because they need to be shot' but, you know .... mainly because I'm bored with mainstream no risk evil music. Cobain died for your sins.
Wendy van Dijk. Enough with the angelical thing already.
Oprah. Unless she suddenly and inexplicably starts creating quality TV.
Dr.Phil. You cannot solve things with integrity AND be on TV. As soon as you are on TV you're dealing with ratings and numbers. So, the issues aren't the only issues. Bad shrink, bad shrink!
Xander ... almost forgot about him. He's ... a ... well there really isn't a word for what he is. Loathsome seems to cover it. Partly.
K3. The audacity of three 40-something women to pretend that they're 16 and dump garbage on unsuspecting kids ....
Kabouter Plop. Beyond explanation ...

.... if I'll think up more I'll add them.

There are a few programmes I want sunk as well but those are easily understood to be shows of the kind were people are endlessly being followed by a TV crew because their life is so interesting and shows were famous people try to sing or dance or skate and Idols-like shows were reams of children get, well ... reamed, I suspect. And then crowned. And then forgotten. There's an excellent spoof out there and I cannot wait to see how it develops. For clarity I'd advise to start at the beginning of the strip but here's where the stroy-arc starts ...


I like InHisLikeness.

Unless any of those shows are made by the BBC, of course.

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Anonymous said...

ow, beo, I think you got spammed! How good is your Spanish? Or is it Portuguese? Anyway, I'm afraid the new year started off bad enough for your wish list, with Dr Phil teaming up with BSpears and BSpears having a sister that did an unspeakable act. Well, the year is still young, things could change!

The newest 'talent' searches shows will be about dancing and finding the next Uri Geller. ... Yeah, I think your wishlist is a lost cause. Sorry.