There's ...

... this evening with loads of music documentaries on tonight. About everything. It's fun. And amazing. It, however, leaves me with serious issues vis-a-vis certain genres.

Really, what was punk good for?

It inspired some people, sure, some great artists even, but, in and of itself, really ... it just brought forth one good song, right? Seriously, there isn't really a film reel somewhere with The 50 Greatest Moments From Punk?

And what is it with R&B and Urban and Dance? Can there be a more vapid genre ever? It's saying nothing, has no meaning and sells millions. Music for the "Idols" generation ...

Oh dear ... what a load of bollocks is out there. Thank god for a cute documentary about metal. Although I seriously question how they focused on one thing and completely ignored other things. They showed some Black Sabbath, some Maiden, some Priest, some Motley Crue and they ended with Metallica.

Metallica is a BEGINNING! After that there is ... so much more. Heavier, harder, faster ... slower. More evil. Don't just suddenly stop. Continue.


I challenge anyone to come up with a moment that really spiritually MOVES them in dance music. Seriously.

Ohhhh ....

One of those programmes, I have to tell you this, had a lady, lovely lady, name's Caitlin Moran, real smart and fun and pretty, and, anyway, she killed Curt Kobain.

She was 18 and wrote for Melody Maker, which was something that Kobain read in rehab. In it was an interview Moran had held with Courtney Love and in it Love stated that Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins (shit band) was great in bed. Apparently Kobain took that as a sign that Love would leave him for Corgan and this made him walk out of rehab. And then he shot himself.

So, Moran can be stated to have helped kill a spokesperson for a generation.

Good story but not one she ought to tell often in Seattle I feel.


Anonymous said...

Is metal spirit moving? I can probably find 99 metal songs that say nothing of interest and only one (probably by metallica) that does. So it is with other music. Yes, there are 99 r&b songs that are rubbish and you will find one that isn't.

Ah well.

So how is it this journalist's fault that Courtney Love decided to say some guy was great in bed? Wouldnt that mean that Courtney killed him with her remark? Hm?

Gavin. said...

... yeah, but she printed it. And he read it. And he then shot himself.

You know ... it probably didn't help, as such.