My ...

... girlfriend is feeling ill, I just received word that something I have been doing about 140 times probably has to be done again and, oh yeah, yesterday I helped crack someone's rib.

Lovely day. I need a drink.

So, like, yesterday, I had Mark in a transportation grip and he wanted to demonstrate that he could get out of it. In doing so, however, he used so much force (and my arm as wedge) that he cracked his own rib. Big scare, loads of pain ... and an amazing amount of laughter. He nearly choked on it. I really don't know how he is today, but seriously ... how good can you be wioth a cracked rib? Amazing thing to happen. Luckily enough, i really won't be teased all that much by people in my Jiu-Jitsiu class. they're so civilized I doubt I'll hear anything at all.


The news that I have to revisit something along the lines of 140 files that I have created over the last month was also something I did not need. they're useless files, no one wants 'em, but nevertheless, it is, apperantly necessary that a correct and extensive and as detailed as possible description is given to each file ... in stead of one that simply works.

What in the hell ass am I doing here anyway? I have too little time to do the creative stuff I like and too much time doing shitty ass assignments no one cares about in the end. *sigh*

I'm currently too emo. All I need now is a good little migraine to make my fucking day complete.

Also: my girlfriend is under the weather. Which makes me unhappy. I guess she'll be in the bath tonight. With Harry the DVD playa'. Gonna feed her steak. Strengthen her up a bit ...

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Anonymous said...

Must be something in the air, Five hasnt been well, and now I am not feeling well. But we're wishing your dearest well. And your victi... I mean, training mate. Also wishing lots of well on him. And it does sound like you need a little bit of well as well. So here it is.

Take a day off. A long weekend can do wonders.