New ...

... boss, when leaving, after having been infused with too much knowledge:

NB: I'm going home now, to think about all of this ... how do you call that, in your sleep, uhm ...
ME: A nightmare?
Daniel: Laugh
NB: No, that's not what I meant, a computer term, uhmmmm ...
ME: Garbage in, Garbage out?
Daniel: Laugh
NB: I see the gentlemen are not very serious anymore so I'll see you all tomorrow.
All: Bye, Bye.
Daniel: Laugh

I made my old boss, Daniel, laugh. Which was really amazing considering the shitty weekend he's had.

Anyway, new boss. We'll see.

What goes on in a chicken's mind? Yesterday Dennis decided to snuggle up to me on the armrest of the comnputerchair. Weird animal.

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