Quick ...

... word on the music press.

It sucks.

And it doesn't.

Let me explain: there is only one magazine I read, often, and that is Aardschok. It has the most news about the bands I like most. That is the part I like. Aardschok, however, also has the annoying habit of informing me about the new releases of all the bands I like. therefore: it tells me that I have not nearly enough money to buy everything I like. Which is the part I hate. This month we get told about a Dimmu DVD, a Within Temptation DVD, a Kampfar CD and loads of stuff that I have to investigate. It's such a tough job being me.

On the other hand: they are mean to St.Anger. And I disagree. They just keep seeing it as just another CD whilst it really is an overall art piece detailing destruction and down-ward-spiraling.

Sometimes, however ... Listen to the new Into Eternity. It's ... heavy. Musically and textually since the band plays 'progressive black metal', whatever that is, and the lyrics deal with the death of three people close to the singer. Possibly this emotional charge is what makes it so goddamned awesome an album ... so impressive. It's a shame that this type of music rarely gets any attention. It's so worth it ... and I bought based on a review. There just aren't any rules to this music press thing. If only they were consistently sucky or great ...

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