So ...

... anyway ... it's, like, autumn. I have to do some behavioural-correction-course, sta here until released without trial and I feel homesick for Copenhagen.

So ... that is that.

God, I'm hungry. In order to eat less I eat apples. Does that make sense? The problem is that apples seem to evaporate immediately upon consumption. Which is sort of difficult as I'm not in the neighbourhood of a larder but more at the topfloor of my place of employment. If you feel the need to rescue me ... that's where I'm at. Anyway ... why does fat and fried food taste better and fill more? I think it's unfair and must be adressed by scientists.

I'm working my way through some ancient Dr.Who. The things that strike me are this: the old ones are really not so great anymore. You can sort of see what was exciting about it for an audience thirty years ago but it just doesn't work anymore. The quality begins to pick up around Dr.No.4. He's funny. He also has that maniac thing going on that I so appreciate. Also: how is it possible that kids from yesteryear were scared of men in silver tracksuits? Really ... it doesn't even look semi-convincing ... Also: Sarah-Jane Smith was a total softy, first time around.

And, last: watching Dr.Who whilst working is very satisfying ...

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