So ...

... apparently my niece cracked her leg!

Which is not fun. The idea of an operation was bandied about and stuff but for now her leg's in a nice, hard shell. Sort of like a partial turtle. Anyway ... certain family tradions, I thought, should not be followed but Noa, my niece, evidently takes after her mother in that mummy dearest spend half her childhood with her leg up on a stool for strains, stretches, tears, rips and whips.

We should really have a talk with them about balance and the benefits of staying upright.

However, for now, we wish my ickle niece all the best.


Anonymous said...

Your google ad for the day:
Learn how to get flexible
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At least it isnt religious or spiritual anymore.

Hope your niece is feeling better and that you get a chance to make a work of art out of the cast.

Anonymous said...

Nicely done, Google. My niece is in a cast and Google gives us tips on flexability ...

Ta, luv.