Advertising ...

... baffles me sometimes. And I even have a good and reliable source of information, http://www.annagroentjes.nl/, on the subject!

Specifically this: http://randstad.decibel.nl/.

In recent times I see posters of this radio station pop up at a regular interval. And for the life of me I cannot figure them out. You see ... the poster has the text 'Radio Decibel' on it and a picture of a nice looking lady suggestively opening her blouse. Now, what has blouse-opening to do with a radio station? Given the medium one assumes that the joys of blouse opening converted to a radio message would be reduced to a slow zipper like sound. Or rustling of fabric and the occasional popped button sound, whatever that may be ... or maybe a nice description of the lady as she disrobes. But other than that the look of blouse opening does not translate very well to radio. Let's face it: if radio wants to be sexy it needs to play Serge gainsborough. And nobody wants to put up with that shit much longer than, oh, say, one minute. It's fucking boring.

So, to reiterate ... I do not get the advertisement. Bad ad. Bad ad-agency.

Nice blouse, though.


Anonymous said...

Still, it was the one dutch ad that moved Five to change our morning-wake-up-radio station to... indeed.

And indeed it has nothing whatsoever to do with opening blouses. More like opening mouths which would be better suited keeping shut.

I am secretly planning to change the station again; Five won't notice.

Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong. I like opening blouses. Just ... I like them in the proper setting. Visual setting would help. For instance.