At ...

... work, yesterday, we had a party (minor one) to celebrate that a new computer system has been adopted for our department. Sounds exciting?

But wait ... there's more!

We're not sure it even works!

Yeah. THAT kind of party. Lots of desperate smiles. But it was fun, still, sort of. I notice that I can't even develop a nice bit of unbelieve about it, let alone any rage. It's just how this stuff is done at my job. Always and unbelieveably true. It should surprise me.

Then I went and bought books for Kamiel and home to paint a smurf. Whatever else you can say about my day ... that last bit surprised even me.

Today the leader of the whole organisation shall be joining us to see what it is we do. I have high hopes of avoiding him like the plague. Not because I dislike him, or anything, although that would most certainly be an option but mostly because I don't like being observed. They might find out that I'm faking it all ...

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