No ...

... it's not another baby post. Though Süüs is getting kicked harder by the day it seems. Probably that is to be expected when you're expecting. (I never feel it. Kid clams up when daddy gets near. Weird, but there you go.)

No. I wanted to share a video:


Why would I share such a video with you? Well, for starters it's nice music. But, what settles it for me is the fact that during Coltrane's solo you can see Miles Davis stand and talk to his fellow musicians, who also have nothing to do at that time, just having a cigarette. It's weird to me that he places himself so outside the performance that he doesn't even listen to bits of it and just hangs, talks, smokes. Of course he manages to play his parts after perfectly, because, you know, he was GOOD but still ...

Anyway, it amused me.

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Anonymous said...

You felt it yesterday!
And four weeks ago!