So ...

... has anyone else thought of this whole iceland volcano thing as a cause and effect issue? As in: if you keep bitching about how terrible our banks are we will let a mountain explode shutting down air traffic and causing way more damages than a single fucking bank could ever do, ever? I mean, I don't exactly know that the icelandic people did it but if they did it, well, they sure as hell got their own back. No one saw this coming and let's face it: awesome amount of damage has been done.

So, for now and always: do not fuck with vikings. They will come over here and fuck shit up.

In other news: kid's doing fine. We're now trying to get the redeemer to take as many pictures as we can. Simply because of the sport involved. It's not like the kid still fits on the tiny monitor they have at the redeemer's office. But, you know, you have to have your little funnies.

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