Further ...

... info concerning the kind of place I work at.

A colleague of mine walked into the door yesterday and got handed a flower, a plastic flower(this is important to the story, trust me) because she travels to her job on public transport.

Very environmentally aware these people here.

Well, she hopped on the elevator and got accosted immediately. The question put to her was: why do you get plastic flowers when real ones are nicer and are not created using environmentally taxing methods.

I thought it funny ...

Also yesterday:

I got offered a 1 year contract with Sargas. It's nice to be appreciated by someone. And for the first time for a longer stretch of time! Yay!

Also also yesterday:

I joined Francisco and my sweet in actual gym exercise. It was funny and fun. All these medieval torture machines that people go on voluntairily. All those big men trying to become even bigger. All these weird metal objects. It's like a room full of installation pieces by various five year olds.

All in all good fun and good exercise and something which I will, maybe, repeat.

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