Things ...

... to do when bored at work:

Of course, there's this blog. Always the fun. Obviously. Since it's mine. Duh.
Then there's Five And Dae, linky at the bottom, who rule in their own way and who seem to have a severe hang-up about pixelated clothes design. Life can only get stranger from this point onwards.
Then, when I'm alone, I'd like to seek YouTube out in order for there to be some real music for once. Today, there have been entries from Sirenia, Tristania, Rammstein, Nightwish. If my frustration holds I'll end with Cannibal Corpse, or something. You know, harsh. Maybe DeathSpell Omega. (Which is actually a good band, a little brainier than the average Black Metal fare. Alas, it's so black that it really isn't music but more Avant-Garde Art.)
Then, there is DarkFuture. And PopCap. And any other games site there is. But I have a bit of difficulty finding a good one ...
Then there are online comics. Those are cool.
Then there is Wiki.
Then there is some lessons to be taken.
Then there is reading a book.

... in short, I am bored stiff.

The truth of the matter is that there is some discussion about the amount of people needed to maintain our little island of administration. People have come to check out what we do here. So, there were women sitting in chairs looking over the shoulders of the regular 'workforce'. Somehow this struck me as a tinge degrading. these people will turn out some piece of crappy report and on the basis of that descisions will be made. I have a sneeking suspicion that my job shall be axed post 30 november. And then I shall have to leave this isle of comfort and luxury ... or boredom.

Anyway, I sort of like it here, so, you know, I'd not be all too pleased when asked to leave. But I have confidence that I'll soon find another gig.


The image of the TARDIS has become firmly linked to the show in the public's consciousness. In 1996, the BBC applied for a trademark to use the TARDIS' blue police box design in merchandising associated with Doctor Who. In 1998, the Metropolitan Police filed an objection to the trademark claim; in 2002 the Patent Office ruled in favour of the BBC, indicating that the police box image was more associated with Doctor Who than with the police.



Anonymous said...

I should really reply to your blog more regularly, because I do enjoy reading it!

Anyway, so you're in the position where maybe thre are more people at work than needed, which makes you.. redundant. I am in the position that I am leaving because I dislike the fact that there arent enough people to do the work. They keep piling work and projects on us, in addition to our regular work and expect us to do it. And I've just had it typing in numbers. So I'll be out of a job soon too, by choice. Let's see if we can find a new job at the same company ;)

Gavin. said...

Wellllll ... join Sargas. the pay is irregular, you have to live a year without a regular contract and they can ship you anywhere within a reasonable distance from your homestead.