... post nr. 100.

It's a milestone, trust me. It means that I have managed to bullshit this much internet space full. And you have to admit, with the internet being such a responsible and well maintained place it's a miracle that people allow such drivel as mine to see the light, let alone waste ugly amounts of electrons. The world, she is an imperfect place.

Thank god.

yesterday I had a day off and we had a marvelous time doing all sorts of stuff that needed doing. It was fun, especially when my girl proclaimed that she was actually having fun whilst shopping in the city, which, for her, is a rare unique occurance which should be commemorated by a small plaque on a HEMA and a short speech by an alderman.

So, I had fun. We also went to see my old school in Bergen, because we felt like it, and i think I managed to make 'someone' jealous. My old school is situated IN a forest, basically. And that is wonderful. Well, at least it was. I was actually sort of happy there.


Anyway. At work now, listening to tales of company outings dramatique. Actually they went to see the insides of the Tuschinski theatre so, you know, I missed out on that. Oh, bugger. But such is life. At least I did not have to participate in the horrendous games and drinking afterwards. I'm bad at those ....

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