This ...

... goes out to Fransisco.

Mainly because, you know, he asked for it.

So, I had this, you know, bright idea ... I was going to watch some DS9 here since there is simply dork all to do as per usual. get this: I never even considered, mainly because I'm not geek-a-mundo, that the thingies used here to swallow silver discs are still CD-Rom playas. And not, as I would, you know, like, and even, currently, argueably, need, a DVD playa. So, you know, sucks. And all that trouble for nought. I did, however, carry the DVD here in the CD case of Metallica's ... And Justice For All. Which basically is their angriest record to date (strangely enough, considering their latest offering was called Saint Anger, but I don't make the rules, you know?) so, at least I have a CD here that gels nicely with my current state of mind.

Get ...And Justice For All, though. Good record. Bad production, internal strife, substance abuse and a little too much of everything within the band made it a terrible time for the actual bandmembers. However, this leads to some wonderful music and let's face it: we're all willing to sacrifice a little of the artist's sanity for our listening pleasure.

It's ten oçlock(<= fucked up keyboard). I haven't got a clue how to get through this day. It's worrisome. Now, usually, a day might fly by here, strangely enough, but I thik I'm sort of done for now with all the goodies this computer might have to offer. It's just fucking weird. but people pay me for this and let's face it: I'd rather be here than in Afghanistan.

Something else: I really have to start wearing my discman in trains again. It might save me from overhearing discussions that make me feel old. Was I ever 18 and, you know, STUPID like other people are? Seriously ... I guess what worries people is relevant to age but listening to inane prattle about some girl who might have, somehow, somewhen, told some guy, who wears a cap proudly proclaiming the fact that a judge had him put on probation, allegedly, to have a fight with some other guy (who, in this case, happened to be the speaker) is just enough to make anyone cringe and find an iPod (EgoPeul, denk ik, in het nederlands) to hide inside. I know that this kind of behaviour (the seeking out of a noise machine to hide inside) leads to a lack of communication and a proliferation of isolation but DAMN ... here's a buck. Buy a clue. Until that time, find me currled up with music that sounds as if it wants to kill your mommy.

On the subject of being tough in these conversations with women ... does that ever really work? I had my doubts when I was 18. I always felt that that sort of talk plummets to the depths of stupidity and secretly I suspected women to know this as well. Seriously, do wome fall for the muscle rolling brainless twat who expounds on his heroic stance in the face of another young fucker with even less restraint?

I must be getting old. I have a terrible urge to shout at these kids. Tell them to get of my lawn, or something.

Iets blijer: low-level terrorism. Haal uit al die 'Hoera! Een meisje!' of 'Hoera! Een jongen!' de letter 'A' weg en kijk wat voor puinhoop je creeert in de wereld.

Viva La Revolución!

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