Have ...

... you ever known what it's like to be a goldfish?

There's an extra lady here in my room at work. Her job is to observe Rita, a fellow inmate, doing her duties. And she's just THERE. All the time. Asking things. And writing things down. It's ... unnerving.

Now, normally I'd feel a little sorry for Rita for being so heavily burdened and plagued. However, she was just rude to me (she told me that she wouldn't discuss something with me, rather forcefully, whilst I was only attempting to express my opinion on some subject. She should be eager to listen to me. It doesn't happen THAT often, you know, that I have an opinion on office matters) and I can't summon a lot of sympathy right now. Actually, right now, I hope the report on her activities wil be short and scathing. I shall have no such luck.

I'm tempted to lock them in a room together. Maybe with some sharp implements ...

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