Hihi ...

... serendipity.

My girlfriend just gave me the 2nd season of House on DVD. Hihi. I'm so not going to sleep early today.

I have the bestest girlfriend ever!

And something else:

Paris Hilton did not cure cancer.
Paris Hilton did not instigate peace in the middle east.
Paris Hilton did not save the rainforest.
Paris Hilton did not do anything ever that anyone can construe as being worthwhile.

So, that can only mean that justice became her bitch because she supposedly is pretty and pretty rich.

Jail is not supposed to be fun. It's supposed to educate, punish and satisfy the feelings of hurt in society as a result of a convict's actions. I do not have the feeling that any of this has happened in the case of this terminally blonde woman.

All is not lost however. I'm sure she's just stupid enough to run out of her house to get a packet of cigarettes.

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