So ...

... had a bit of training yesterday. Sorry to say that my dear lady could not train with us, on account of a slight case of illness. That was a shame. Anyway, my aikido trainer, some other gentleman and I, we trained for the upcoming exams in aikido. Really weird when you think on it; my trainer and he who will be asking the questions on the exam was actually teaching us how to do the exam. Thus, he has already seen what we are capable of. Or, you know, not.

It just struck me as odd.

Other than that, Chris, my teacher, is a freak. He sometimes lets lose this incredible ... joy and exuberance at being on the mat and having fun. In such moods you get thrown quite a distance. And all that with a smile. It's infectuous and really rather FUN!

Honestly, I'd recommend this game to anyone. Just remember, at a certain point you'll have to let go of your inhibitions about wearing a skirt.


Heartfelt greetings must go out to one of our faithful readers (eventhough he never comments) ...

So: Vransciscoo Gaalaarsje Moralus ... we love you!

I pwn him.

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