So ...

... I got this job, see. It's with this loverly organisation DMB, which handles the giving out of permits for activities that might have some environmental impact. It'svery complicated, I'm there now some 4 hours and I don't really see yet where this is going but, ultimately, I'm quite cheerful about being in Amsterdam, a stone's throw away from the centre, and being nearly saved from my previous escape into work, which is Andijk.

It's fun to publish this stuff from work. I can honestly say that everyone should do that. Gives you something to do in the breaks.

As if I need a break! The only thing I did so far is shake hands with a whole lot of people whose lovely names I've already forgotten, because I suck at names, and cheerfully followed my current mentor Louise Vonk, who is nice. And blonde. Oh ... and some computer stuff, which 'll probably bugger up tomorrow. And now I'm swapping covers around different permits. You know ... stuff.

Anyway. It's nice here, so far. And it's good to be back.

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