Today ...

... I heard that I have one less day to work in Andijk. This is good news, naturally, for I'm fully done with the place. The people are nice, though, don't get me wrong. But it's just that, well, it's Andijk. And that is enough to make it too much to deal with. I get to play a lot of DF there, though which is good.

And yet, for all the faults, I have never left a project where I wasn't slightly melancholic the moment I walked out of the door. Ridiculous, certainly in this case, which I know, but yet i feel like I have ... LEFT a place. Probably I'm still pining for a sort of steadiness in my employment, or a steady place to attach myself to, or something. That is weird, however, because I enjoy going to different projects. You get to learn something new every time. New people, new buildings, new ... stuff! I like new stuff.

Mind you, I'm already nervous about monday.

I'm such a wuss.

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