We did the aikido exam and I'm proud to say that both myself and my better 3/4 did excellently well and passed. It was a bit gruelling, especially for Suus ... she totally lost all breath in the first few minutes. Not a result of poor condition, but mostly of the time of year, illness and heat. So, you know, she's impressive on all fronts.

For myself, I had to participate in three exams. I had to fall for Suus, do my own exam and then fall for someone else, Vincent. So, I was pretty out of it by the end of it. My fall partner was one of the two gentlemen who actually asked the questions on the exam and he's a bit of a black belt and a nice fellow.

So, thanks to all involved, especially to Chris for giving so freely of his spare time.

Next stop: dress ....

I have a ton of film and photo material. Maybe, when I can be arsed I shall upload it to youtube or something. But, no promises because me and youtube have a bit of a shaky relationship ...

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