I'm ...

... fairly stupid. See what I did there? Placed the wrong thing on the wrong web presence. Geez'. You'd think that at least I'd know the diff, right?

Anyway. Been busy with work and stuff, and as with everything new it's not a thing which just works over night. Though, lord, would I like it to. Yesterday I got the interesting message that both my colleagues leave for their holidays in a couple of weeks.

Well, fuck.

That leaves me in charge, so to speak, and I have to say that the prospect is a little daunting. Or, you know, a lot daunting.

Anyway. Besides that they are really nice people over there and I'm sure we'll find some interesting and lovely way to avoid, or at least minimalise, screw-ups.

I'd also would like to thank AnnA for giving me such a lovely afternoon the other day. Lady rules, to be sure.

Heh, another one who'll go on her holidays right quick and I hope she'll enjoy the living daylights out of them.

In other news; there will be a little get-together of people I know on-line to celebrate one of their loverly birthdays. Five's to be exact. Isn't that nice. I might actually be there ....

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